Mam Than corn wine

Sapa Vietnam, selected by the H'Mong ethnic group of dry, termite-free seeds to "bounce", after It is mixed with an heirloom leaven called

Mam Than corn wine is the quintessence of heaven and earth bestowed on the people here, extracted from corn kernels grown on the high mountain slopes near Sapa Vietnam, selected by the H’Mong ethnic group of dry, termite-free seeds to “bounce”, after It is mixed with an heirloom leaven called “Hong Mi”, after 2-3 days it becomes moldy, it is aged in sealed wooden ‘samu’ barrels and about 10 days later it is distilled by the method of fermentation. Traditional “wooden pot” is placed on a large cast-iron pan and under a small pan containing cold water, steam rises through the incubated corn layer, when it meets cold water, it will condense, giving us “waves, fragrant and ecstatic” wine drops. “, that’s why the butt calls corn wine “corn fat”…

From the Bac Ha white plateau, running 30km backwards, visitors have an ideal stopover in the Si Ma Cai valley near Sapa Vietnam. Si Ma Cai attracts visitors by its natural beauty as well as its people and specialties. If Bac Ha is famous for Ban Pho wine, Si Ma Cai has Man Than and Sin Cheng wine that captivates diners.

In order to cook fragrant,…

In order to cook fragrant, spicy and strong drops of wine, it is necessary to have long-term, skillful wine-making experiences and traditional techniques of the Mong people, creating the characteristic flavor of the wine here, intoxicating the hearts of many people. guest. Raw materials for making wine are mainly from indigenous corn, combined with Hong My yeast and natural water sources of Man Than commune, Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam. In particular, when distilled, there is also corn silk, so Man Than wine does not cause harm to the nervous system, drinking without headache. Lifting a cup and wanting another cup, the whole family, brothers and friends gather around the tray of rice with a cup of hot and cozy Man Than wine.

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