Mossy ancient village Tho Ha

Ancient architectural works built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries such as historical and cultural relics recognized by the state as Tho Ha ancient village pagoda (Doan Minh Tu), Van Chi, especially Tho Ha communal house were built. from the reign of King Le Chinh Hoa in the 7th year (1686) in the style of public writing. The communal house is built in the style of the public, the pavilion is 27m long, 16m wide, built on a 0.5m high platform around a bunch of green boulders divided into three levels, the roof of the communal house is roofed with tiled roofs, the four corners are the heads of knives. curved.

Behind the communal house is Tho Ha ancient villagePagoda called “Doan Minh Tu”. The official calendar of the temple has not been found. Based on the inscription on the pair of stone dragons at the temple door, in the year of Giap Than 1580, the Mac dynasty bought a stone dragon, in the year of Canh Than 1610, the pagoda was repaired. Thus, the temple must have been built before that. The pagoda was built in the style of domestic and foreign affairs, on a large scale, including a three-way gate, a bell tower and a front hall. Tho Ha Pagoda was classified as a cultural and historical relic in 1996.

Next is the village gate; four whores of four hamlets; The old houses dating back hundreds of years are built with materials that are very fancy ceramic products along with narrow and long alleys that attract ancient moss. Tho Ha village gate has beautiful, superficial and ancient architecture, this is one of the beautiful village gates in the lower and middle areas of Cau River. Around the village gate, communal house and pagoda, there are banyan trees that are hundreds of years old. Along with preserving the ancient architecture and village culture, the people here are always busy with traditional occupations such as production of spring rolls, rice paper and rice noodles by machine and craft, and wine making. rice for economic development.

The walls of the old house are all built with the main materials are small pottery, ceramic pieces. It is known that the ancient Tho Ha village was famous for its pottery making with products such as: jars, pots. Tho Ha ancient village still preserves dozens of old houses with different architectural features. Most of the old houses are over 100 years old, built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, each old house has its own unique features, not only beautiful in ancient architecture but also in memorabilia and treasures. passed down through the generations.

Tho Ha ancient village preserves in itself extremely unique and rich traditional cultural values. It is an ancient beauty bearing the typical imprint of a pure Vietnamese village with an architectural complex of Dinh and Pagoda built over 300 years ago and a very unique culture and landscape.

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