My hometown in flood season

Tho Ha ancient village. Witnessing the flood season in my homeland, I felt like I regained my childhood memories. This year, it seems to rain more a

Every year after the full moon of August, I go back to my hometown. Welcoming me was the white rain that made my heart flutter. The flood season has returned to my hometown, the lowland countryside of Tho Ha ancient village. Witnessing the flood season in my homeland, I felt like I regained my childhood memories. This year, it seems to rain more and heavier than previous years. My uncle said, “If the fish under the fence is caught, every one of them weighs an egg, it’s very big”!

After taking a sip of tea, his uncle blinked: “Go, you and I will go wading (water – from the locality). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen people playing floods.” So the two brothers quickly covered two personal raincoats, rode a motorbike to the street. My uncle is also a remote worker, rarely coming home, so on the occasion of my return, I want to rediscover the feeling of a time of rafting to go out and about. “Almost every year, floods visit our hometown. The people of Tho Ha ancient village diligently endured the wind, rain, storm with so much damage and then diligently rebuilt it. In the last two years, my hometown has not had a flood, I feel like there is a lack of fire, I miss something. When there is a flood, it’s great.”

Water tattooed the road,…

Water tattooed the road, a cloudy white color of water stretched as far as the eye could see. Next to the road, a few small baskets of people in the village are regularly brought up and down. Looking at the basket of an elderly man nearby, we saw only weight fish. He laughed and said: “The fish is marinated with turmeric leaves and spices for a long time to harden the fish, sometimes when biting the flour, you can’t eat enough rice to fit the two of you.” I suddenly thought vaguely that while urban people had to get into closed cars to avoid rain and wind, my hometown people had a feeling of full of life by the silver water, the feeling of joy when the fish entered the oi, The taste of the countryside…

Tho Ha ancient village people consider floods as both a material resource and a spiritual culture. In the flood season, the Cau River floods all the fields in the district with white water, aquatic species from the mountains and forests, especially carp, carp, catfish, snakehead, perch, and waterfall fish. strabismus, scads, birds, frogs… spilled into the fields to find a place to lay their eggs. During the flood season in my hometown, from fishermen to farmers, craftsmen all go to the fields to catch fish. They fish with all kinds of homemade tools. The atmosphere to welcome floods and catch fish in the field in the days of floods is very crowded and bustling like a harvest festival.

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