New vitality in Tho Ha ancient village

Many domestic and foreign tourists and researchers, when arriving in Tho Ha ancient village, have not stopped admiring the ancient houses. Experiencing many changes of history, it seems that bombs and bullets have not damaged the old houses here. The village still has 25 ancient houses made of precious wood, dating back hundreds of years. The old houses have typical artistic architecture. Talented carpenters carved sophisticated patterns on the system of columns and trusses.

Tho Ha ancient village is not only contemplative by the landscape, the antiquity comes from the historical and cultural relics of the village. Tho Ha ancient village is a small village along Cau River, now the village still has that “fit”, with old cultural sediments. But new life seems to have crept through the village. In recent years, Tho Ha ancient villagers have begun to know how to do tourism. Many groups of foreign tourists visiting Tho Ha ancient village came to an old house to admire, one tourist exclaimed: “Treasure!”.

Besides, when it comes to Tho Ha, people also know a famous village of making rice paper. Not only stopping with specialties of coconut rice paper, sesame rice cake, they also learn to produce more products of rice paper rolls. With hard work, this product also has a certain position in the market today. Tho Ha rice paper products are also exported abroad to bring prosperity to the villagers.

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