Next to the glowing fire in Sapa Vietnam

When autumn comes to the foggy land of Sapa Vietnam, the air suddenly becomes chilly. And at times like these, people enjoy gathering around the blazing fire, grilling wild meat, drinking corn wine, and rejoicing in stories told from all over the world.

Truly those are moments in Sapa Vietnam that people can never forget, sipping a cup of wine feels spicy on the tongue, drinking just once is enough to make people ecstatic. But then no one knew whether it was drunk or drunk on the warm human love of the native people, drunk or drunk on the passionate hospitality of the highland host.

As dreamy and beautiful as Sapa Vietnam in autumn, it’s no exaggeration when people perceive it like that. The autumn colors make heaven and earth seem to wobble in the scent and color, in the warm love of people in the beloved mountain town. So who doesn’t want to once go to the foggy land of Sapa to live fully with heaven and earth, let go of the worries of daily life, and feel light in the peaceful, romantic beauty mixed with a bit of tranquility? Quiet and sad in autumn.

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