No phenomenon of pulling or “hacking” in Bac Ha

During my days in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, I met and talked with a lot of people including Tay, Mong and Kinh

During my days in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, I met and talked with a lot of people including Tay, Mong and Kinh, but no one gave me a sense of distance. Everyone says Bac Ha people are hospitable and friendly. My companion – Ms. Truong Thi Thao, Deputy General Director of Crystal Holidays travel company – said that there is no phenomenon of pulling or “hacking” here.

Perhaps the harmony helped form the famous markets in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam. “The characteristic of Bac Ha market is the exchange, every weekend people from different ethnic groups bring agricultural products and livestock to the market to sell.” – Mr. Hoang Van Khoa, Vice Chairman of Bac Ha District People’s Committee said. Bac Ha Market is a place to exchange goods and a place for cultural exchanges between local ethnic groups. When going down the mountain, people always wear colorful new clothes like going to a festival. In addition to Bac Ha market on Sundays, visitors can also go to many other markets, such as Tuesdays to Coc Ly market, Wednesdays to Sin Cheng market, Thursdays to Cao Son market, Fridays to Lung Phinh market. 7 go to the market to go to Can Cau

Going down to the village…

Going down to the village many places cannot be accessed by cars, so visitors can choose motorbike taxis. Uncle Dao Trung Sung has been driving motorbike taxis in Bac Ha town for nearly 30 years, but there has never been a year like this because of Covid. “There are no tourists, many people leave the motorbike taxi job to work as a farmer, but I like this job. In Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, I know every street.” – Mr. Sang happily recounted. According to him, “Western guests” love to ride motorbikes down to the villages, sometimes going hundreds of kilometers away. But because of limited time, that day I went with my uncle to visit the villages on a distance of “only” about 60km.

The Wave car…

The Wave car (which broke the speedometer because of traveling too much) of Uncle Sung took me from Ban Lien, through Nam Khanh, Nam Det, Bao Nhai and then back to Bac Ha town. Uncle is also a local guide, telling stories while walking, introducing how the life of the La Chi ethnic people is poor, how people in Nam Det are rich because of selling cinnamon, or in Bao Nhai there are Trung Do Temple is famous, so more and more tourists come to visit. Where the scenery is beautiful, the guide slows down and urges “take a photo”, “can you take a photo of this place”…

We returned to the homestay when it was already dark. The night sky is also beautiful, clear and sparkling with stars. It is possible to see the entire Milky Way across the sky with the naked eye, which is almost impossible in light-polluted cities. Bac Ha is so beautiful, both people and scenery. Come here when you need to find a place to restore your health, spirit and life energy.

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