Orchid garden on Ham Rong mountain

Along the way to the top of Ham Rong is a paradise of strange flowers typical for Sapa Vietnam, around the small road are the brilliant colors of azaleas, roses, fireworks. Only the color of the azalea flower also makes the picture more brilliant by the colors white, red, yellow, pink, purple, etc. Following the rocky road to the back of the mountain, visitors will surely be surprised and quickly be attracted by a large garden of blooming orchids. The orchids here are grown in pots, baskets or orchids growing on the rocks, living mistletoe on the trunks of trees in the forest.

This orchid garden has about 6,000 baskets of orchids with hundreds of different varieties and species of orchids such as orchids, sword orchids – this species has many precious orchid families such as sword autumn, sword ceiling dream or woody pepper orchid. Therefore, tourists who come to Ham Rong Sapa Vietnam at any time of the year can enjoy watching colorful baskets of orchids competing to bloom, the cold of the highlands is as if dispelled by vibrant colors. splendor of brilliant orchids. The clusters of white orchids, yellow orchids, etc. bloom long, creating the feeling of orchid clusters like the long hair of a girl here.

In addition to the famous orchid garden, the main area of Ham Rong in Sapa Vietnam is a rather large flower garden named European Flower Garden. The flowers grown here are mainly beautiful and unique flower varieties imported from abroad such as cherry blossoms, amethyst flowers, etc., often prefer to live in cold climates. Besides orchids, which are the most common flowers here, there are hydrangeas. Hydrangea grows a lot in rock crevices, in small farming areas or sometimes also grown in gardens.

Orchid Garden 1 is an attractive destination for tourists when choosing to come to Sapa, because here visitors can just see the baskets of orchids in full bloom, besides, visitors can also admire the panoramic view of the town in the mist, in the most beautiful and novel perspective.


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