Outerwear of the Dao people

Red Dao woman's shirt in Sapa Vietnam. This is considered the most difficult part to complete in the process of

“Retreat” is an outerwear decorated with delicate silver carvings in the shape of stars, flowers, sun, water… The outerwear is usually made of black velvet fabric (formerly indigo fabric). This outerwear has its own collar called “reverse sin”. “Luo sin” is also a separate part from the body, used to decorate the neck and the back half of the back of the Red Dao woman’s shirt in Sapa Vietnam. This is considered the most difficult part to complete in the process of sewing the national costume because of the high requirements on the aesthetics, culture, history and ingenuity of the woman when decorating the costume.

The special feature of the woman’s

The special feature of the woman’s outfit is the red cotton ring wrapped around the neck and hung in front of the chest. This cotton ring is called “pô ki kiong”, “pô ki kiong” with a size of 30 cm, hanging symmetrically on both sides of the chest, stretching from the collar to the waist. This cotton band is handmade with wool and especially using only red cotton wool. This is also a distinctive feature on the costumes of Red Dao women in Sapa Vietnam to distinguish them from other ethnic groups. In addition, on the woman’s clothes, there are “tight” (belt) and “hat” (pants).

The woman’s pants are indigo fabric dyed black, the leg side of the pants is decorated with alternating red, yellow, and white patterns. Meticulous and sophisticated embroidery patterns create symmetry and harmony with the upper body of the outfit. Like other ethnic groups, women’s costumes are highlighted by handmade silver rings and bracelets.

This is the gift that the mother-in-law

This is the gift that the mother-in-law sends to the woman when they get married. Unlike other ethnic groups, the Red Dao ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam believes that when a woman gets married, burns incense at her husband’s house, and takes care of her husband’s ancestors, her mother-in-law should entrust her responsibility through a silver ring that they wear, both as a dowry and a measure of the emotional value of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The costumes of the Red Dao people are basically the same, but there are also differences that make up the richness and diversity in the colors of Dao culture, including differences in how to wear, wear scarves, leggings and more. Although there have been many changes and disturbances by modern culture, today the costumes of Red Dao women still retain their values, showing their unique beauty, imbued with national cultural identity.

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