Peace in the ancient village of Tho Ha

Through the ages, amidst the hustle and bustle of today’s urbanization, Tho Ha ancient village still keeps her soul serene, traditional, shy next to banyan trees, wells, communal roofs, and ancient houses close to the alleys. It seems that it is a rare North Vietnamese village spirit that is kept right in the heart of the bustling bustling city without being stained with dust, discolored, drifting into the past.

Each piece of land has its own cultural characteristics to keep the scent of their own soul from being mixed with the scent of the soul of another land. Village culture, very pure Vietnamese culture in the Northern Delta of our country. The simple traditions, the gentle peace of people’s lives are encapsulated in each piece of tile and brick, the traditional profession associated with the people for generations.

Many people compare Tho Ha ancient village as an oasis with an area of ​​20ha because in the north are low hills, the other three sides of the village are surrounded by the famous river, Cau River. Sometimes, just listening to it, people are suddenly emotional, the story of a light day floats. Visit that village. Visit the village by the river. Experience the lightness and calmness. The rush of life reminds us to love what belongs to old traditions. Remembering the “golden dust” is the charm of Trang An, remembering the traditional craft villages that make up the soul of each land, remembering the features of time left in the old mossy walls.

Tho Ha ancient village reminds us of all the pure love of the homeland.

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