Peaceful autumn day in the ancient village of Kinh Bac region

One day in the autumn of August, we visited Tho Ha ancient village. Be amazed, and admire the old houses surrounded by clear green space and poetic scenery. In the midst of the modern, flashy development of competition, the old houses with silver mossy walls, dark brown tiled roofs are still proud and stable over time.

Leisurely sitting under the doorstep of an old house, watching the tree arches chirping birds, buds fluttering with scents, landslides on the walls, it felt like I was lost in a dream, as if I was returning to breathe atmosphere of a few decades ago. My companion shouted excitedly, hurriedly ran to pick up the yellowed banyan fruit, wiped it and blew the dust, then immediately put it to his mouth to chew deliciously, half-lidded eyes enjoying the fleshy, acrid taste, reminiscent of a whole region of childhood memories…

Lying quietly by the Cau River, hidden under the green arches, Tho Ha ancient village has an idyllic and peaceful beauty with the typical features of the Northern Delta. Here, almost every house is painted and decorated by a spread of dried rice cakes. From the small alley, the sweet and close winding path to the old houses, which are designed in harmony and picturesque, bringing a rustic and peaceful feeling. Tho Ha is an original ancient village and it is preserved by talented intellectuals who are passionate about rediscovering the old values. They have made this place not for display, reminiscent, but actually become a place to live…

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