Pho (Noodle Soup)

The origin of pho Vietnamese cuisine.  dates back to the early 20th century, in Hanoi and Nam Dinh. These are also two places with the best and most famous traditional pho in Vietnamese cuisine. : Hanoi pho and Nam Dinh beef noodle soup.

The common feature of pho in Vietnamese cuisine.  is that it is a dish made from noodles, with soup, served with beef or chicken and spices such as onions.

Pho noodle in Vietnamese cuisine.: is a kind of noodle made from rice, white, flat, big

Broth: This is considered the quintessence of pho in Vietnamese cuisine , with elaborate and meticulous processing. The characteristic of the broth is simmered tubular bones, combined with many spices such as ginger, water onion; Some places also combine cardamom, star anise, cloves, and ginseng. According to traditional pho, the broth cannot be without oxtail.

Meat: Pho in Vietnamese cuisine. has two main types of pho, beef pho and chicken noodle soup, in which beef pho in Vietnamese cuisine  is the first traditional type of pho. With beef noodle soup, there are a number of popular methods of making beef, such as rare beef, cooked beef, and rare beef with meats that are encrusted, dandruff, and tendon.

Spices: The common seasonings accompanying pho are onions, lemons, vinegar, pepper, fish sauce, chili..

Originating from the North, pho in Vietnamese cuisine. has become a popular dish of Vietnamese people in Indochina until now. This is a very special dish of Vietnam and is still popular in Vietnam today. We can find famous heirloom pho shops, modern chain of pho restaurants or popular noodle soup shops in all parts of the country. Therefore, pho in Vietnamese cuisine. considered a “national soul” dish, representing Vietnamese cuisine and ranked first in the top of the most famous and delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes.

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