Pohang travel experience

Pohang is a famous coastal city with many beautiful beaches and unique cultural tourist attractions of Korea.

Pohang is a famous coastal city with many beautiful beaches and unique cultural tourist attractions of Korea. Pohang tourism also attracts tourists by boat trips on the canal. This place possesses a peaceful scenery and rustic lifestyle, suitable for resort tourism. Join TBAOINFO to discover the entire Pohang travel experience and Top 10 destinations in the article below.

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The ideal time to travel to Pohang

The ideal time for you to travel to Pohang is from March to September every year. This is the time when Korea enters the two most beautiful seasons of the year: spring and summer, which are also the seasons of grass, trees and the sea.

Around March and April, visitors to Pohang will see cherry blossoms blooming and the weather is mild and cool. The spring scene is full of vitality and romance, suitable for many family and group activities such as walking, visiting pagodas at the beginning of the year, camping in the forest,…

From May to September, the weather in Pohang becomes gradually hotter as it enters summer. The average temperature usually ranges from 22 to 28 degrees Celsius. This is the season of the sea and sea activities, most tourists often spend their summer holidays at the beaches in Pohang.

Mode of transportation when traveling to Pohang

You can catch flights to Seoul, then take the subway, expressway or bus to get to Pohang city. Travel time usually ranges from 2 to 3 hours depending on the vehicle you choose. When you arrive in Pohang, you can choose the following means of transportation inside the city:

Bus: The bus system in the city is quite convenient and economical, you can choose suitable routes to get to the desired destinations.

Taxi: Taxi prices are often not fixed and vary depending on the company, time of departure and destination. Normally, calling a taxi through the switchboard will have a higher price than on the street but is safer because you and the switchboard will know specific information about the driver and license plate number. Guests can pay in cash, card or T-Money card.

Train: Trains have their own schedules and do not encounter traffic jams during rush hours. If you intend to stay for a long time in Pohang, you can consider buying a Korail pass to save money and can be used on most types of trains.

Walking: With locations located in the center, many tourists choose to walk to enjoy the romantic, peaceful atmosphere in Pohang. This is a way to help you save money but still be able to explore the city in the most interesting way.

Accommodation location in Pohang, Korea

Pohang city owns many hotels from affordable to luxury. You can proactively book rooms on reputable applications such as Booking, Agoda,… or directly contact the hotlines of some accommodation locations. . Below is a list of some hotels highly appreciated by tourists:

Lahan Pohang Hotel
Pohang View Hotel
Appletree Hotel
Pohang Sangdodong Palace Hotel
Yam Pohang Munduck Hotel
Galaxy Pohang Hotel
Pohang Brown Dot Hotel

Cuisine in Pohang city

Pohang tourism does not disappoint visitors with the richness of local dishes. Below is a list of specialties that you should not miss when coming to Pohang:

Bulgogi Beef: Korea is famous for many grilled dishes and Bulgogi beef is one of them. The meat is marinated with many spices such as soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, white button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and a few other special spices. After being marinated, the beef will be grilled over low heat. This is a dish that has an irresistible appeal to many tourists when they have the opportunity to visit Pohang.

Samgyetang chicken soup: Chicken soup stewed with Korean ginseng creates a dish that provides energy, nutrition and detoxifies the body for diners. The dish includes chicken, stewed in a clay pot under high temperature with ginseng, garlic, jujube, licorice, ginseng and specially seasoned to make the soup sweet and fatty.

Ssiat hotteok: This is essentially a sweet pancake filled with bean paste. Koreans love this dish and often buy it as a snack or as a snack while walking on the streets. In terms of ingredients, the cake consists of sticky rice flour mixed with sugar and cinnamon then fried. The filling is usually peanuts, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. This is a very addictive dish for visitors, especially providing instant energy for the journey to explore Pohang.

Jogae Gui Grilled Seafood: Traveling to Pohang without trying seafood is a mistake. This place is famous for many fresh seafood dishes that are grilled and dipped in special Korean sauces. You have many choices with seafood such as shrimp, crab, octopus, oysters, snails, clams,…

Top 10 famous destinations in Pohang

Yeongildae Beach

Yeongildae Beach is the largest beach in the Eastern region of Korea, located near the city center so it is quite convenient to move. The beach is more than 1.2km long, has open, large and airy space, so it is often an ideal place to organize many festivals and outdoor stage parties.

Around the beach, there are many accommodation establishments and restaurants ranging from affordable to luxurious, all of which are meticulously invested and have super ideal sea viewing angles. Most visitors come to Yeongildae to relax with family and friends and enjoy many fresh specialties at coastal restaurants at affordable prices.

Guryongpo Beach

Guryongpo Beach is listed in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Korea. This place attracts thousands of visitors every year thanks to its smooth stretch of white sand and clear blue sea water. In addition, the sea has a gentle slope so it is quite safe for swimmers. Therefore, this has become a favorite place for many families with young children to rest and relax.

Guryongpo Beach is also an ideal spot for young people to camp, organize fun activities on the beach or participate in other marine sports activities such as canoeing, swimming, kayaking,…

Pohang Canal

Pohang Canal is a place not to be missed when traveling to Pohang. The project is about 1.3km long and was built with the purpose of connecting the Hyeongsan River and Dongbin port. Thanks to that, the canal has an eye-catching view of the river and seaport. This place has become a tourist destination that attracts many tourists to take photos and admire the scenery, especially in the early morning or afternoons of the day.

On both sides of the canal there are promenades paved with bricks. Tourists often choose to bike or walk to stroll and admire the scenery on both sides of the canal. In addition, this place also serves many tourist wharves for visitors to experience the feeling of floating on the canal running to the seaport.

Pohang Canal is also famous for its many convenient restaurants serving local dishes, especially the nearby observatory located from the 1st to 4th floors so visitors can freely explore and admire the whole area.

Oeosa Temple

Oeosa Temple is known as one of the most beautiful temples in Korea. In terms of feng shui, this place has all the right elements that make Oeosa a sacred place to visit for many locals and tourists. The temple has a long history, built during the Silla dynasty.

The highlight of Oeosa is the beautiful natural scenery with Oeo Lake on one side and majestic steep cliffs on the other. Visitors will definitely be overwhelmed with the natural beauty and purity of the forest land here. Not only that, many tourists are also curious to come to Oeosa because of the ancient legend about the temple. The story is still an interesting mystery associated with the name of the temple.

Jukdo Market

Jukdo Market is the place that most clearly depicts the life, people and cuisine of the Pohang region. The market has the largest scale on the East Coast, with nearly 1,300 small stalls inside. Coming to Jukdo, you can buy anything. Specialties of the market are usually fresh and dried seafood and fresh agricultural products.

This place is also gathered and divided into many areas with different items such as Pohang culinary alley, fresh fish alley, clothing and shoe alley, etc. If you have the opportunity to travel to Pohang and go to Jukdo, don’t forget Visit the culinary alley to enjoy fresh specialties in this coastal city.

Posco Museum

Posco Museum will help you recreate Korea’s industrial history from ancient times to the present. Thanks to the values that Posco brings, this place is for tourists who love and are interested in Korean history and culture.

Inside the museum, you will admire a collection of items, tools, documents, etc. from the early Iron Age (About the 3rd century BC) to the Three Kingdoms, Silla, Goryeo and Joseon periods. Each period has its own characteristics and contributes to the development of current Korea. Surely, you will open your eyes to Korea as well as the values and industrial history that this country has gone through.

Naeyeonsan County Park

Naeyeonsan National Park is an interesting, close-to-nature destination for tourists. Located on Nayeon mountain nearly 1,000m above sea level, the park possesses enchanting natural landscapes.

Coming to Naeyeonsan, you will experience exploring many majestic waterfalls, lush green forests, clear streams and lakes and the fresh air of natural mountains and forests. A trip to the park will help you wash away many negative emotions and feel more mentally relaxed.

Yeonorang Seonyeo Park

Yeonorang Seonyeo Park is located on the Pohang coast and is an ideal resting place for many tourists. The park is located along the beach, is an area planted with many trees and is built with stone walkways and wooden fences. The attraction of this place is the peaceful and attractive landscape, surrounded by rows of coniferous trees on high ground, with many areas for visitors to rest and relax.

Coming to Yeonorang Seonyeo, you will experience the feeling of being close to nature and the sea. The peace and freshness here also helps you heal negative emotions and enjoy your life more.

Homigot Sunrise Square

Homigot Square is famous as a visiting destination for many tourists when traveling to Pohang. Like the name suggests, this is the place to welcome the earliest sunrise of the year in Korea on New Year’s Day. This event attracts many visitors, especially during Tet, to catch the first rays of sunlight, implying positive things for the whole year.

The square is also an airy and fresh place, so many tourists often come here to stroll and relax. Surrounded by many other tourist attractions such as the Lighthouse museum, Lee Yuk-sa memorial, and bathing pool. In particular, the square has a statue of a hand welcoming the sun on the sea. The statue has become a craze attracting many tourists to visit and take photos.

Hwanho Park Space Walk pedestrian bridge

The Hwanho Park Space Walk pedestrian bridge was built to simulate the tracks of a roller coaster. Thanks to the unique design that creates a sense of adventure and interesting perspective, this place has become a popular tourist attraction. The bridge opened in 2021 with the purpose of being an aerial walkway system.

The bridge is more than 300m long and about 27m high. Although the design is winding, the bridge is equipped to be safe for tourists to visit. Many tourists come here out of curiosity, but most of them want to experience the feeling of adventure and explore this strange architecture. A special feature of the bridge is that visitors will have a panoramic view of the beautiful Pohang city from above.

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