Preserving the cultural identity of the Red Dao people

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1993, the Red Dao brocade embroidery group was established in Ta Phin commune in Sapa Vietnam

Nearly 30 years ago, in 1993, the Red Dao brocade embroidery group was established in Ta Phin commune in Sapa Vietnam with 16 members. Since then, this embroidery group has been continuously expanded, attracting many women to participate, not only developing traditional professions but also increasing income, improving family economy. Currently, Ta Phin has 2 brocade clubs, Dao group with nearly 200 active and regular members. With more than 5,000 types of products, of which more than 70% are exported to Italy, France, the US… Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, brocade products are hardly exported and sold a lot, but the women in the club still maintain their activities to preserve the profession of their nation.

Going to the Red Dao village…

Going to the Red Dao village in Sapa Vietnam, especially on festivals and Tet, visitors will be impressed by the beautiful red Dao girl in colorful dresses. The details and accessories on the costumes of the Red Dao people all show their own aesthetics, sophistication and concept of beauty. It also shows the rich material values and spiritual life of the Red Dao ethnic community. Red according to the concept of the Red Dao people also brings happiness and luck and fullness in life. Therefore, on the wedding day, people use a lot of red, which is also the wish that the young couple will have a happy and full life.

At the wedding, the guests also brought red banners with happy couplets written in the main house. People use these red banners also with the desire to bless the young couple. They use the dominant red color in the bridal scarf on the wedding day, also expressing the dream of a happy and full life for the young couple in the future. Thanks to the above pattern and red color, which has created a highlight on the costume, this is the point that retains the cultural values of the ethnic group, is the language of expression of religious life and community society throughout history. And today, thanks to preserving those traditional cultural features, it has become a unique tourist resource of Sapa Vietnam.

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