Pure plum blossoms “cover” the whole land and sky of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam

These days, if you have the opportunity to visit Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam

These days, if you have the opportunity to visit Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam, visitors will certainly be overwhelmed and surprised by the natural scenery in this place. Bac Ha – the land known as the “white plateau”. This place has markets imbued with highland culture, a flowing river with rocky waterfalls and rocky mountains with mysterious and attractive fairy caves carrying a mystical look from ancient times… Although, The scenery in Bac Ha is still “overlapping” mountains, “suddenly hidden” in the clouds, but the green forests and winding roads are the highlights that remind visitors of a new feeling. cool, adventurous, and excited by the fresh, pure air and weather on all four sides of the mountain.

Especially in the early days of spring

Especially in the early days of spring, tourists have the opportunity to visit these majestic lands, they will admire the extremely poetic and romantic natural scenery. Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the pristine and pure beauty of the white plum blossom hills covering the vast corner of Bac Ha sky. If tourists have ever known Ha Giang with its specialty ” buckwheat flower” is similar to it. When mentioning Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, tourists immediately think of pure white plum flowers. Plum blossoms often bloom and are also at their most beautiful in February every year. As usual, on Tet days, the spring weather is usually sunny and warm, causing plum blossoms to bloom, showing off their pure beauty. White plum blossoms cover a corner of the sky, bringing a very poetic beauty to the Bac Ha plateau.

The hills of plum blossoms in full bloom, whitening the entire sky, have made many tourists, when they set foot here, admire and praise them, and when they leave this poetic land, they show nostalgia. nostalgically. Neither gorgeous nor arrogant, nor does it radiate a sweet, fragrant scent, but with its simple and pure beauty, plum blossoms have captivated and stirred the hearts of many enthusiasts. Every road and alley, plum blossoms always bend to cover the mountainside, peek out behind the roofs and stretch endlessly, making the Bac Ha plateau near Sapa Vietnam look like a poetic and charming landscape painting, in which Plants and people seem to be in strange harmony.

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