Quality of highland people

From early morning, people in Lung Phin, Ta Cu Ty near Sapa Vietnam... bring their horses carrying agricultural products

From early morning, people in Lung Phin, Ta Cu Ty near Sapa Vietnam… bring their horses carrying agricultural products to the market to sell. Bac Ha market has all kinds of items and only meets on Sundays. Called trading, but here the people are still pure highland, spontaneous, innocent; sell without challenge. The fair is also a time for children to follow their mothers and fathers to the town to play. Although they are not for sale, they also help to translate some local words into Mandarin when needed.

At the fair, there are not only sellers and buyers, but also friends who visit the market. When they come to the fair, they can meet again, drink together a cup of Hong Mi yeast corn wine, eat a hot bowl of thang co, have fun dancing with the sound of a trumpet… And the kids enjoy the big donuts. like a rice bowl bought for me by my mother… In Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, there is the most unique market in the North, but on weekdays there are also small, indigenous markets such as Coc Ly market on Tuesdays, and Si Ma Cai market on Wednesdays. , Thursday is Ban Lien market, Friday is Lung Phinh market, Saturday is Can Cau market (Si Ma Cai).

Many things in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam have changed, there are no longer shacks, tourists know more, but life here is still the same, not crowded. People are always friendly, affectionate and something that never changes in Bac Ha, Ms. An said.

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