Rainy night in Cuc Phuong forest near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

The vast Cuc Phuong forest near Tam Coc Ninh Binh has existed since ancient

At night I was slowly awakened by the sounds of falling, falling, falling outside the window, on the roof and rambling somewhere else. I gradually realized it was rain and wondered: Is this rain so strange today? I have never heard the sound of rain like this. Then I kept quiet and listened to the sound of rain, the sound of rain was not just pattering or pattering but also a rumbling, roaring, winding sound like the sound of winding, winding stream water… Oh yes, forest rain, forest rain, I’m in the forest, in the rain, yes Cuc Phuong forest rain.

The vast Cuc Phuong forest near Tam Coc Ninh Binh has existed since ancient times! I suddenly felt like a sincere believer before the gods, staying absolutely silent and focusing all my senses to hear, feel, welcome, and watch the rain in the forest! It starts with the sound of raindrops falling on leaves, also rain falling on leaves but it’s not like the sound of rain falling on leaves in the city (my street is full of trees).

The sound of rain in the forest is strange

The sound of rain in the forest is strange, it feels like raindrops falling vertically and falling on many leaves, so the sound of raindrops as hard as jade gradually breaks apart after each contact with the leaves, the broken pieces of jade fall gradually smaller and blend in the bag. So many initial sounds of falling pearls! In the background of so many falling sounds, in the dark night sky is the sound of the wind howling on the mountain tops and tree tops, the wind passing through the tangled layers of vines that swing from one tree trunk to another, dozens, several dozen.

hundreds of meters, the sound of rain and wind sounded creepy and gloomy, slashing raindrops falling to the floor and trampling across rocky mountains near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, the mountains were straight and steep, where no trees could grow, the rain hitting them sounded like they would shatter and melt.

The river broke down

The river broke down and the stream resonated into a sheet of water rushing down until it met the forest floor. It frantically crawled into the thick layer of leaves covering the ground, happily disappearing into the stream that flowed down to the foot of the forest to the lake mouth, out. Valley. Mac Lake, a dreamy lake, curves like a map of the Fatherland with clear blue water in all seasons.

The night was dark and I heard it as if the waves were rising in the lake. Up high, the wind howled more and more, the air grew colder and sagged, it felt like steam and mountain air had entered the room at any moment. Rain and wind rush through the forest, creating a great chorus. The wind and rain become stronger and stronger each time, writhing and crying out the cries of the pristine nature of Cuc Phuong forest near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, thousands of thousands of years ago!

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