Saigon Bread in Vietnamese cuissine

Surely bread in Vietnamese cuissine is no stranger to people and especially international friends. Although the origin is unknown when, but Vietnamese bread is recognized worldwide as one of the best in the world, as “Saigon specialties”. This is a dish in Vietnamese cuissine  that everyone knows that it is famous for Vietnam in general and Saigon in particular. Bread was introduced to Vietnam in 1859 and first appeared in Saigon, then spread to other neighboring areas.

The main attraction is the crispy heat of the cake, a bread full of meat, eggs, rolls, pate inside makes people wobble. A bite of crispy bread in Vietnamese cuissine will give you full energy on a positive morning, start your day with full starch and protein, or don’t know what to eat for lunch or dinner, choose a traditional dish right away. of Vietnamese people, both convenient and easy to see and buy everywhere on the streets of Saigon.

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