Sapa Vietnam autumn comes

Traveling to Sapa Vietnam in the fall is a wonderful time, it is the most beautiful season of the year for you to admire all the beauty of this place

Traveling to Sapa Vietnam in the fall is a wonderful time, it is the most beautiful season of the year for you to admire all the beauty of this place. Sitting in the car on the way to the center of Sapa town, I felt the autumn seeping into my body through the cold wind blowing through the car door and along the road was the yellow color of terraced fields signaling the ripe rice season.

Sapa in the fall has cool, pleasant air, dry weather, clear sunny days, and cold evenings, making you feel like you can experience all four seasons in one day. September and November are the golden rice season, Sapa autumn is beautiful, the sun is golden like silk, the air is dry, moderately cold, walking with friends in the evening wearing a light jacket is very warm. During the day, admire the Muong Hoa valley, admire the wide terraces and go trekking in Sapa down to Ta Phin village…

Sapa autumn is the season of yellow

Sapa autumn is the season of yellow, the yellow of sunshine, of dreamlike terraced fields. Traveling to Sapa in the fall, you stand on high and look down, with a panoramic view of the terraced fields in the valley, somewhere a hazy smoke flows from a stilt house, the scene is very warm. Then you step closer, your chest filled with the scent of rice, the scent of mountains and forests, walking along the fields, a feeling of relaxation and peace.

Early in the morning, Sapa Vietnam is still full of clouds, everything is still sleepy, the fog keeps clinging and doesn’t want to leave, keeps wrapping around the houses, bushes, beams down the streets, rushing into the windows. But then it also gives way to the morning sun, the fog gradually dissipates and people will be immersed in the vastness of heaven and earth, in the majesty of Hoang Lien Son range, Fansipan peak and Muong Hoa valley.

The sun happily dances

The sun happily dances, sneaks into every corner, waking up everything and people also become more hurried and excited. Afternoon falls, the mist covers the sky again, gradually pulling Sapa Vietnam into a dreamy sleep, everything returns to silence, with the gathering firelight, with the sound of the trumpet calling you. All create the harmony of Sapa that captivates people’s hearts. This time period in Sapa begins with the ripe rice season and rice harvest season.

If you come at the right time around September, you will witness golden rice fields spreading across the valley. Sapa is very beautiful at this time, the weather is a bit cold, the air is fresh and dry, making the trip easy for taking photos and climbing Fansipan. Especially combined with the landscapes of mountains, forests, rivers, streams and ethnic costumes in Sapa will give you unique photos.

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