Sapa Cloud Festival

Located in the northwest of the country - Sapa Vietnam is an attractive tourist destination for not only domestic but also foreign tourists

Located in the northwest of the country – Sapa Vietnam is an attractive tourist destination for not only domestic but also foreign tourists. With the inherent unspoiled natural beauty and the presence of many ethnic minorities, Sapa is like a colorful picture. Surely in everyone’s memory, there is still an impression of a winter with fog hanging over the mountain town and cold wind surrounding every street – but we can’t forget Summer with the white clouds of O Quy Ho passing through the valley. valley, flying into the hair of tourists; green samu forest, brilliant flower garden, and white foam on the roadside.

Those wonderful things have helped Sapa become the “capital” of the North in the summer, making the weekend market more bustling, incubating love through the sound of trumpet, lip lute, leaf trumpet of Hmong boys and girls. down the mountain. Every year, there are many Sapa tours from Hanoi to attend this festival.

Within the framework of the festival

Within the framework of the festival, many interesting activities took place: Art photo exhibition “Colors of Sa Pa”; Folklore Festival at Ham Rong tourist area; Cat Cat Cultural Festival; Coloring Festival of the Red Dao; Hmong flute and flute contest; The festival opens on the evening of April 27 in the town center. In the rare cool and dry weather of the early summer, visitors to the Sapa Vietnam cloud festival can witness the “Grading Ceremony of Red Dao people” – an activity that took place for the first time in festivals, so it has become a highlight attracting a lot of tourists to Ta Van tourist destination.

According to the seniors of the Dao ethnic group, the ceremony is a unique ritual and has been handed down for thousands of generations in the Red Dao ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam. The Dao people believe that the ceremony is an indispensable procedure for a man. Only those who have been granted the rank are considered mature men. The ceremony of honoring the Dao people has many levels, the first step is the level of 3 lights and 36 soldiers; the second level is level 7 lights and 72 soldiers; The last step is 12 lights and 120 soldiers.

The time lasts from 1 to 5 days, including the presentation ceremony, the owner slaughters pigs and chickens to worship the ancestors. Before performing the offering ceremony, the shamans must clean the house of the person receiving the denomination, then beat a drum to invite the ancestors to attend. The priest conducts the opening ceremony to report to the ancestors the reason for the ceremony.

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