Sapa Vietnam in April – The romantic season change of the “mountain town in the mist”.

Going to Sapa Vietnam on this occasion, visitors will enjoy the fresh, airy atmosphere, with four seasons in one day.

“Town in the mist” or “mountain town in the mist” are nicknames used to talk about the hottest tourist destination in the Northwest today – Sapa Vietnam. You can visit this town in any season of the year but it is most beautiful in spring. Visitors will enjoy the wonderful moment of changing seasons. When heaven and earth are in harmony, hundreds of flowers bloom and the streets take on a new, strangely romantic and poetic outfit. April is the time of changing seasons, the whole town is immersed in the brilliant colors of flowers, the scenery is as beautiful as a charming landscape painting.

Going to Sapa Vietnam

Going to Sapa Vietnam on this occasion, visitors will enjoy the fresh, airy atmosphere, with four seasons in one day. Plum and peach blossoms bloom for the last time and then give way to azaleas and buckwheat. In particular, this is also the flood season, the terraced fields sparkle with silver mixed with the color of young seedlings, signaling a good harvest. The weather in April is extremely mild and pleasant, a bit chilly in the early morning, warm in the afternoon, then cold again in the evening.

The temperature during the day usually fluctuates around 15 – 20 ℃, the sky is clear, sunny, warm and not at all hot. With such weather characteristics in April, this is the ideal time for you to travel. In April, the “mountain town in the mist” fascinates tourists because of its romance, charm, and beauty like a muse. Living in the midst of a beautiful spring picture, people seem to become happier and more full of life than ever. Visiting this April, visitors must definitely experience all the wonderful things below. April is a unique season change that offers to travel enthusiasts.

Coming to Sapa Vietnam

Coming to Sapa Vietnam during this time, visitors feel like they can fully live all four seasons in the same day. Every morning when you wake up, waiting for you are drops of dew, rays of sunshine, and the wind carrying the scent of Northwest spring flowers. Sapa is as beautiful as a charming mountain and water painting. This is the season of late-blooming peach and plum blossoms, interspersed with colorful branches of pear and azalea flowers. The highlight of the majestic mountains is the immense green color of the terraced fields that have just been sown. After a long day of traveling, at night it’s time for you to sit by the fire and sip a cup of cider to ward off the cold.

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