Sapa in the mist – the beauty of the foggy town

Sapa Vietnam has long been called by tourists with the loving name "where heaven and earth meet" or "fog town".

Sapa Vietnam has long been called by tourists with the loving name “where heaven and earth meet” or “fog town”. So why does this place impress domestic and foreign tourists with the beauty of such mist? Let’s admire the beauty in the mist to see the magical and dreamy beauty of this famous Northwest highland town! Sapa not only attracts and attracts the footsteps of Vietnamese tourists but also receives many compliments from foreign tourists, voted by foreign press as one of the 50 most attractive destinations on the planet. The magical beauty in the mist and majestic mountains, in the middle of the dreamy natural space are lovely small villages with simple, honest people. Traveling is always beautiful and brings an indescribable attraction to the hearts that love to travel.

Sapa Vietnam is a district in the Northwest high mountains

Sapa Vietnam is a district in the Northwest high mountains, a destination crowded with indigenous people and tourists. The small town is located at an altitude of 1500m to 1650m above sea level on the slopes of Lo Suay Tong mountain, so it is covered with fog all year round, so this place is known as a foggy town, a tourist destination with rugged terrain in Vietnam. Impressive height when stepping out of the house in the early morning feels like floating in the clouds.

It is also because of these characteristics that the foggy town has a captivating beauty, both romantic and magical and majestic at an altitude of more than 1km above sea level. If you have fallen in love with the beauty in the mist, then the most suitable time to admire Sapa immersed in magical mist is in winter. At other times of the year, the 3 days 2 nights trip is also very beautiful, and there is mist at night and in the morning, but if you want to enjoy the feeling of “living in the clouds” clearly, winter is definitely the time. the most foggy time of the year.

There are winter days in Sapa Vietnam

There are winter days in Sapa Vietnam where you can see fog a few meters apart, making it difficult to see each other or the surrounding landscape. For many people, this is not the ideal time to see the sights, but for many others, this is the beauty they love where people will come closer together in the cold weather. These are verses composed by musician Vinh Cat about beauty in the mist. A magical beauty, shimmering fanciful that anyone who has been here cannot help but remember. The image of Sapa submerged in floating clouds, the city in the mist appearing like a charming landscape painting or fairyland confirms its impressive beauty and tourism value in the eyes of those who love its beauty. the beauty of the Northwest district town.

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