Sapa Night Market: A culinary paradise in the highlands

Every weekend, Sapa night market is crowded with tourists visiting with their families, significant other or close friends. In general,

Beautiful Sapa always attracts a large number of tourists to visit every year. However, the experience in Sapa will be incomplete if you do not visit Sapa night market to enjoy the culture and local cuisine. Let’s join to find out what interesting experiences Sapa night market has!

Sapa Night Market is a local market that is usually opened on weekends (from Friday to Sunday) on Nguyen Van Khue street to welcome tourists from near and far to visit, making this place always bring a crowded atmosphere. For those of you who don’t know, Sapa night market has a very convenient location near the center and Sapa lake with less than 10 minutes of travel depending on where you start. Thereby, creating favorable conditions for visitors not only to have the opportunity to enjoy the local culture and cuisine, but also to stroll along the streets to discover the beauty of Sapa town when the street lights are on.

What’s outstanding about Sapa night market?

Every weekend, Sapa night market is crowded with tourists visiting with their families, significant other or close friends. In general, Sapa night market appears majestic with a large welcome gate, marking the location of the market gate leading the way for visitors to visit and experience. The further you go inside, the more people will see that Sapa night market consists of many stalls divided into square frames covered with tents, spread evenly on both sides of the extremely bright walkway. Items for sale are displayed neatly in front of the stall so that visitors can easily see and choose for themselves.

For food stalls, there will be tables and chairs set out so that visitors can sit at the restaurant and enjoy it while it’s hot. The grilled skewers and vegetables are neatly arranged and eye-catchingly arranged in each tray, accompanied by a price list that clearly lists the prices of the dishes so you can order with confidence. If you plan to travel to Sapa, don’t miss visiting Sapa night market with two main areas including:

Food court

When traveling anywhere, just hearing about going to Sapa night market makes many of us think about enjoying nighttime cuisine, right because we always have a hungry stomach? Sapa night market is the same, there is also a food area with an extremely diverse and eye-catching outdoor “grilled skewer buffet line” accompanied by an extremely attractive scent when placed on the grill. If you count roughly, there must be more than 20 different types of grilled skewers with vegetables served as well.

In addition to grilled skewers, Sapa night market also sells a variety of agricultural products and local specialties in the Northwest mountains. Dried rice cakes, men men cakes, buckwheat cakes, walnuts, medicinal leaves, etc. so you can buy them as gifts, enjoy on the spot or take away.

Souvenirs area

In addition to food, at Sapa night market, local people also sell many extremely unique handicraft items, bearing the mark of highland ethnic cultural life such as musical instruments or jewelry, …

There are also brocade items such as traditional costumes, hats, … which are made extremely skillfully and meticulously to every detail. Everything is sold at affordable prices with high quality workmanship, suitable for buying as souvenirs or giving as gifts to relatives and friends.

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