Sapa Square – Sights that should not be missed while traveling

Coming to Sapa Vietnam, you can not only admire the beautiful scenes created by the Creator especially for this place, but also visit the attractive tourist

Coming to Sapa Vietnam, you can not only admire the beautiful scenes created by the Creator especially for this place, but also visit the attractive tourist attractions created by the people here. One of them is Sa pa Square. You’ll regret it if you don’t come back here in time!

Sapa Square is a place that attracts many tourists to visit. Because it has an extremely favorable location located in the center of Sapa town, right opposite the Stone Church. This place is always bustling and noisy regardless of day and night. So it’s easy to spot right away!


The square is usually a central location and a must-visit every time you come to Sapa. Tourists come here both to visit and “know” the square and to learn about the commercial life of the highland people here.

Because of its spacious space, this place is also a frequently chosen place to organize festivals and love markets – activities imbued with the identity of the Northwest highlands. If you have the opportunity to visit Sa pa during the festival season or simply every Saturday, don’t forget to come to Sapa to witness and enjoy the lively and bustling atmosphere of these activities! We guarantee you will never forget that feeling and the festivals imbued with the identities of the ethnic groups here.

The best time to visit Sapa square is early in the morning from 5 to 7 am. At that time, visitors can see the square in the morning mist, appearing dimly and magically. Or if you like noisy, crowded spaces, you can choose to come here in the evening to participate in activities. Sapa square is illuminated by lights so you can still have fun!

The square’s arch-shaped architecture will easily be the perfect check-in point to take the most beautiful photos with super cool backgrounds!


Because Sapa square is located in the center, there will be many other tourist attractions around for visitors to visit.

  • Sapa Night Market

You can go to Sa pa night market to visit and buy souvenirs from the villagers. This is also one of the busiest places near Sapa square at night. When you are tired of visiting the square, you can stop by here to try and buy delicious specialties!

  • Sapa stone church faces the square

Looking to the opposite side from the square, visitors will immediately see the majestic ancient stone church of Sapa. This is a church built in 1985, one of the few historical relics that still exists today from the French colonial church. Even through ups and downs, this place still retains its ancient and magnificent features with a European architectural style.

  • Sun Plaza

Sun Plaza has a prime central location and is designed in a luxurious European style. Standing in front of this place feels like being lost on a road in distant Europe. Many people also call this place the Sapa clock tower because when coming to this Plaza, the first thing that impresses is the exquisitely designed antique clocks mounted right on the entrance gate.

After days of visiting Sapa‘s natural tourist attractions, don’t forget to stop by this square right in the center of town to have fun. This place will definitely make you immerse yourself in the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of activities and festivals held weekly and annually!

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