Sapa Vietnam in autumn – The season of captivating flowers

Fall in Sapa will surely be the season that makes anyone who comes and goes feel endlessly attached. Not only because of the bright yellow of

Fall in Sapa will surely be the season that makes anyone who comes and goes feel endlessly attached. Not only because of the bright yellow of the terraced fields and the green of the majestic mountains, but also because of the captivating colors of the flowers.

Mua flowers

This flower grows a lot in Seo My Ty – a small mountain village in Ta Van commune, about 20 km from the center of Sapa town. On the autumn days of August and September, the sky here is clear blue, with lightly floating white clouds. The water of Seo My Ty Lake in Sapa is full and green, the rice in the terraced fields along the lake is also in its golden harvest, especially along the road leading to the lake, it is still glowing with poetic purple flowers. This wild flower is very easy to grow and loves cold and humid climates. It is not difficult to understand when looking down from above Seo My Ty Lake in Sapa is like being spread out on a flexible purple carpet blending with the wild and beautiful heartbroken natural scenery.


Sapa Lavender Garden located right at the entrance to Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area is making people crazy because it shows off its purple color, blooming over a hill area of more than 15,000 m2. Finally, Vietnam has a wonderful Lavender flower garden that is no less than the lavender season in far away France. The purple lavender field in Sapa, stretching to the horizon, at its most beautiful, becomes a destination not to be missed this fall.

Going to Sapa, seeing the purple color, suddenly the hot sun turned into a stranger. Are there real and quality lavender fields like this in Vietnam now? There’s no need to go all the way to France to check-in on lavender, this Sapa lavender garden is enough to make your limbs fall off! Who said that Sapa has only one misty town, only one Fansipan peak, the highest in Indochina? Nowadays, Sapa also has wonderfully beautiful flower seasons. And Sapa lavender garden is a proof of that, a beautiful, ecstatic purple color that melts the heat for this summer.

Peacock tail flower

The reason for this name is because the shape of the flower when blooming is very similar to a peacock’s tail. This flower is suitable for the cool and humid climate of Sapa. Each Peacock Tail flower is a work of mixing two colors: dark pink and pink purple. The beauty of this flower is likened to a beautiful fairy. No matter at any time of the day, Peacocktail flowers in Sapa are beautiful, in the morning when the early morning sunlight shines down on the flower garden, each flower still has drops of morning dew like awakening, golden sunshine at noon.

Brightly shining down on the garden of Peacock tail flowers with the light breeze passing playfully forming waves of flowers. The peacock’s tail flower in Sapa is brilliant, or the sunset falling on the white clouds when hiding in the garden The peacock’s tail makes the flowers sparkle and seductive.

Sapa‘s four seasons are always as sweet and clear as the sky here. If you have the opportunity to visit Sapa on an autumn day, surely a piece of love sent back will make people flutter forever.

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