See the stunningly beautiful Tam Giac Mach fields in the late autumn

Traveling to Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam in late autumn is the most romantic time. At this time, all the lands of this border area are filled with buckwheat flowers in full bloom. The hills of pale pink flowers make people fall in love.

Especially at the Lu Than gateway of Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam, there are many fields of buckwheat flowers stretching endlessly. Moreover, coming on different occasions can help you witness many different shades of buckwheat. Sometimes the pink color is innocent, sometimes the deep purple pink is seductive. Each color brings wonderful emotions to each visitor.

Buckwheat flowers can bloom from September to the end of October – December. Particularly, the fields in Lu Than also have a crop in May. Therefore, you can visit Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam right from the summer. to enjoy the brilliant beauty of this flower.

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