Si Ma Cai – the ancient land at the headwaters of the Chay River

According to the Hmong language, "Si Ma Cai" means "new horse market" or "market with strange horses". Located in the upper reaches

According to the Hmong language, “Si Ma Cai” means “new horse market” or “market with strange horses”. Located in the upper reaches of the Chay River, Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam has long been known as an ancient land, where there are many vestiges of Vietnamese living and a long-standing settlement of the Hmong and Nung people.

Si Ma Cai is also known as the land with the most beautiful terraced fields of the Northwest country. Coming here in the fall, you will admire the terraced fields at the time when the rice is ripe with enchanting golden colors. This season, Si Ma Cai is gorgeously beautiful in the golden color of rice, igniting the vitality of people. On the seasonal day in SiMa Cai near Sapa Vietnam, visitors will be immersed in customs such as eating new rice, pounding nuggets, worshiping ancestors of the ethnic minorities here.

Coming to Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, visitors also have the opportunity to attend a unique market in Vietnam held every Saturday. It was the Can Cau buffalo market, the largest buffalo “exchange” in the country. Every Saturday, when the fog is still thick on the path, the sun shines in the young head, the people from far away villages are busy leading buffaloes with big horns and muscular shoulders to the market to visit the market. sell. SiMa Cai cuisine is extremely unique. Stopping in mountain towns or villages, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes such as wine made from buckwheat seeds in Lu Than, buckwheat pancakes, black chicken grilled with honey, black chicken stewed with traditional herbs, cakes. casting, sour pho…

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