Si Ma Cai’s spring is covered with flowers

Si Ma Cai spring is full of colors of many kinds of flowers and grass. The forests in Quan Than San, San Chai near Sapa Vietnam are full of brilliant peach blossoms, white ban flowers, pristine plum blossoms, and pure pear flowers. Spring is also the time when all things in the mountains and forests of Si Ma Cai wake up, grow and flourish. You can admire young trees sprouting and sprouting throughout the forests. The spring weather in Si Ma Cai is also very pleasant, both cool and fresh. You can try cycling through the hills of pear and plum flowers scattered throughout Si Ma Cai.

At the beginning of spring on the land of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, the Mong people living here also hold a sacred forest worshiping ceremony. This is a ritual for people to pray for a prosperous life and affirm the convention of protecting forests.

The forest worshiping ceremony will be held on the Dragon day of the 2nd lunar month every year. Also in June summer. The shamans of the village near Sapa Vietnam will make incense offerings to thank the gods for their merits. At the same time, they also pray for the forest to grow, develop and feed the village. On the occasion of forest offerings, the Mong people also pray for a bountiful harvest and a prosperous home.

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