Silver in the cultural and religious life of the Mong people in Sapa

Black H'mong people account for nearly 53% of the total population of Sapa Vietnam. They reside in 61/98 villages in the town.

Black H’mong people account for nearly 53% of the total population of Sapa Vietnam. They reside in 61/98 villages in the town. Mr. Thao A Chu – who has more than ten years of experience with silver carving, said that this is a traditional craft dating back to the Mong people. This profession was born from the need to beautify and serve the cultural and spiritual life of the Mong people. The Hmong use silver as an amulet, with the function of protecting health and happiness. Silver rings are considered to be the convergence of power, the residence of the gods, and are enchanted by the sorcerer to make items with the belief that they will have a superhuman function of eradicating evil spirits and protecting children’s health.

People. Silver jewelry is also the main product that brings charm, aristocracy, elegance, unique characteristics on traditional costumes. Hmong women use a lot of silver jewelry such as hair combs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. They also wear a set of silver sashes on their hips to enhance the beauty of the outfit.

Silver jewelry contains many messages

Silver jewelry contains many messages – said Ms. Giang Thi Chu from Ta Van commune in Sapa Vietnam. For example, wearing a ring with a circular cross-section is a sign of people who are single (unmarried man, unmarried girl) or widowed and intend to remarry. The bigger the earrings, the healthier and hardworking women are. The bracelet is specially crafted to be worn by children and adults when sick. The astral ring is usually designed with a padlock at the opening so that when worn, the shaman locks the lock as if to keep the soul from falling out as well as to protect the ghosts from invading the body… Jewelry Silver is also a gift of great spiritual value, a dowry that parents give their daughters to get married.

Studies by the Department of Culture

Studies by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lao Cai province have confirmed that the silver carving profession of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam contains many outstanding values. In terms of historical value, this profession has a long existence, associated with the formation and development of the Mong ethnic group, going through historical events but always being inherited by generations. and develop. In terms of aesthetic value, silver carved products make up their own beauty and when combined with costumes, they create a traditional costume bearing the typical identity of the Mong people. In terms of goldsmithing, silver carving has reached a sophisticated technical level. Each jewelry is a creative work of art, describing the typical culture of the Mong people in Sa Pa. In terms of customs and habits, silver carving is closely linked with the human development cycle. From birth to adulthood and death, the Mong people carry silver on them.

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