Sparkling fog town

Now it's time for us to enjoy the scenery and walk around. It must be said that to go to all the beautiful sights of Sapa Vietnam

From Hoa Binh city, we crossed the territory of Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc provinces and then joined the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the border city of Coc Leu, we followed a turn with a steep slope of more than 30 km to reach the destination of Sapa Vietnam. This season is the season when people in the cold country here harvest plums and peaches.

Hmong women spend most of their time going up the hill to collect and deliver delicious, fresh, specialty fruits that still retain their pastel color. While walking, leisurely admire the scenery on both sides of the road and then we were surprised to see a town in the mist with most of the houses built of stone and bricks with rough, semi-ancient shells. , semi-modern. Follow the small paths to go deep into the nooks and crannies of the town, which are now also made of concrete or made of bricks, making it easy to walk.

Understanding the not-so-fast

Understanding the not-so-fast pace of life of the local people in our opinion is a very interesting experience. When our group arrived, Ms. Mua Y Sua, a Hmong woman in Cat Cat village, was busy mixing yarn, knitting beautiful purses and keychains. Ms. Sua said: If you work diligently, you can get 5-6 products every day. Many tourists come to the village for a walk, come to see and ask to buy souvenirs, so the family also considers it an income-generating profession in Sapa Vietnam.

We found out that, in addition to the traditional occupations of growing cotton, flax, and weaving, growing vegetables, tubers and clean fruits is also a major source of income for people. Taking advantage of the different weather and climate, special vegetables, tubers and fruits are grown a lot such as rock sprouts, mustard greens, strawberries, etc. Most of the products are provided to serve the needs of tourists.

Now it’s time for us to enjoy

Now it’s time for us to enjoy the scenery and walk around. It must be said that to go to all the beautiful sights of Sapa Vietnam, 2 weekends are not enough. There are many attractive destinations, in which it is difficult for visitors to ignore Sapa market – the gathering place, the most clear representation of the life of the indigenous people.

Nearby is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, built in 1895, which is considered the most complete ancient architectural mark of the French left. This is a place where tourists love to take pictures and record images of the ancient stone church indispensable when it comes to the foggy town. The love market takes place on Saturday night at Sapa‘s yard, and other evenings there are cultural and cultural programs serving visitors, which is also a mark of this beautiful and poetic land. A short walk is to the old villa area with dozens of houses bearing the appearance of French urban architecture. Over time, the villas still retain their magnificent beauty with a little moss, making curious visitors unable to take their eyes off.

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