Spring on the beautiful Bac Ha white plateau captivates travelers

I still remember one time going to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, wondering where to go. During the meeting with artists

I still remember one time going to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, wondering where to go. During the meeting with artists and writers with Bac Ha district Party Committee, Mr. Doan Ngoc Tuyen, then Standing Deputy Secretary of the district Party Committee, introduced about the potential land that is changing skin with the strength of growing temperate fruit trees. and areas specializing in medicinal herbs. And then the loving words of the district leader, which sounded as sweet as poetry, made an impression on me: “You keep going back that spring path/ An arc that fascinates people/ A land with a lot of aftertaste/ Of people who weave brocade and nurse flowers / You will meet the fluttering skirt in the medicinal garden / You will feel a lot of love / You will see Bac Ha magically beautiful in the clouds!…”

It was not a waste of limited spring days,…

It was not a waste of limited spring days, the trip gave me a deeper, more friendly view of this highland and people. Bustling on Xuan Street near Sapa Vietnam, I met bare feet, innocent and rich in hospitality. Meet the Spring color radiating from the smiles of boys and girls, the fresh and innocent brocade colors under the sky of peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and white pear flowers in the highlands.

Purple Spring color on flower beds of sandalwood trees. Fragrance of essential oils of dong quai, iso ginseng, artichokes, land … harvest season. The fragrant aroma of Ban Pho corn wine wafts through the kitchen smoke. Spring color radiates fragrance from skillfully embroidered hands… “My linen yarn is dyed blue and dyed red/Dyeing in floral print, embroidering new dresses/ Weaving in spring, I wait for Gau Tao festival …” The sounds of spring are tender, clinging. of lip trumpets, leaf trumpets, smiling eyes, and the rhythm of the Senh Tien dance in the festival near Sapa Vietnam

Following in the footsteps of Chua Seo Phu, one of the young officials of the Government’s 600 project, brought intellectuals to the grassroots. Come to Ban Pho 1, street 2, come to friendly people like Giang Seo Sau, Ly Seo Cuong, Vang Seo Chong, Ly Seo Plu… Young people know how to promote their homeland traditions, know how to apply progress science in the production of medicinal plants, in the tourism business to change lives.

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