Start up Sa Pa Online experience tourism associated with preserving national cultural identity

young people from ethnic minorities in Sapa Vietnam who are knowledgeable about local culture and local tourism.

In recent years, Huong Giay in Ta Van commune has become a familiar name to Giay ethnic people, Ta Van commune, Sa Pa town as well as all tourists near and far coming here. Because every day that little girl still goes around the village, diligently conducting Online tours around the village to introduce the traditional culture of Sa Pa ethnic groups to visitors. Initially, Huong practiced writing blog posts about tourism, sharing information about culture, cuisine, and beautiful scenery in Sapa Vietnam. At the same time, recreate vivid pictures of daily life with videos and images to domestic and international tourists through Facebook, Youtube channels…

After that, I set up a website called “SaPa Loca”

After that, I set up a website called “Sa Pa Loca”, all the articles written by myself and my friends are posted on it. In July 2021, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, Huong launched online tours (online travel) for tourists to experience the culture of ethnic minorities in Sa Pa. “Sa Pa Local – Sa Pa Indigenous Peoples” is the name of the start-up business after the idea of “Online experience tourism” with Sa Pa natives. The team of Huong group are all young people from ethnic minorities in Sapa Vietnam who are knowledgeable about local culture and local tourism. Although they are all young, each member has their own strengths in the field of tourism to be able to bring the most interesting and quality experiences to visitors when coming to Sa Pa indigenous people.

Sharing about

Sharing about the advantages and disadvantages for tours, Huong confided: For online tours, it is convenient that everyone can stay at home to get interesting experience information, save time and money. fees, can exchange with people everywhere, especially abroad. However, people only look through social networking channels, Youtube, can not feel the breath of life, so there are few tourists. As for the offline tour (actual tourism), because it has just started, there is still a lack of experience in building tours and routes, and the number of tourists is also small.

But no matter what tour is done, it is convenient for the group, because the friends in the group are all indigenous people, an understanding of the cultural identity; locations, how does the weather change in Sapa. Especially the seasonal features, the interesting and unique things in the land of fog, these are useful information that tourists always need when coming to Sapa Vietnam.

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