Strange colors in the rain

Storm No. 2 landed in the northern provinces, when we arrived in Van Long near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. But, it was not unexpected

Storm No. 2 landed in the northern provinces, when we arrived in Van Long near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. But, it was not unexpected – “there is always luck in misfortune” – because of heavy rain and heavy water, we could not enter the cave, in return we had unforgettable experiences when sailing in the rain to visit the lotus pond and visit the lotus pond in the rain. See the submerged vegetation at the foot of 250 million year old limestone mountains.

This place is also home to the white-breeded langur (also known as the shorts langur), which is usually less accessible by boats because of the mud and shallow water. The fragile bamboo boat that parted the rain curtain took us deep into an immense lotus pond up to a few hectares long along the foot of the dike and spread between the ravines, the lotus was almost submerged on the surface of the lagoon, which was about 2-3m deep after many years. It’s been pouring rain for the past few days.

The giant colorful lotus

The giant colorful lotus leaves filled with water shine like silver even though it is raining. Late-season lotus flowers in the wild have a strange beauty that is completely different from lotus grown commercially for exploitation. The brilliant pink lotus petals, reflecting the color of life, of health, whether rising or falling in the water, are still full of strength and toughness, not as gentle as lotuses or sold on the street near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The boat weaved its way through the ravines with forests of sedge grass, sedges and countless aquatic species that are nameless, towering over their heads. Grass brushed against her shoulders, flowers lingered in her hair, exuding a pungent smell filled with the scent of rain. The sound of frogs croaking, insects whispering, birds singing… sounds so close.

The water lily leaves

The water lily leaves at the end of the season are still brilliantly yellow and green, floating in the water along the side of the boat. In the distance are rolling mountains engulfed in clouds and rain, truly worthy of the name Van Long – the land of Dragon Clouds near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Unfortunately, because it was raining heavily, we could not admire the ruins of the ancient temple and the stone slab with hieroglyphic inscriptions that science has not yet deciphered. Many times I have come to Van Long to see that this place is beautiful in any direction, in any season; Rain or shine, each season has its own beauty. When it is dry in the fall, this place is also a paradise for giant green seaweed and a place where birds flock.

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