Super beautiful architecture of 2 strange ancient mansions in the Northwest

Located in the white plateau of Bac Ha town near Sapa Vietnam, Hoang A Tuong Palace is also one of the famous ancient

In addition to the majestic scenery, the Northwest is famous for two unique ancient architectural works, the palace of King Meo Vuong Chinh Duc. and the palace of Hoang A Tuong near Sapa Vietnam. The Vuong family residence, also known as the Meo King mansion, is located in Xa Phin commune, Dong Van district. This is one of the few ancient mansions in the Northwest, built in the early years of the 20th century. Hundreds of years have passed, the mansion is still very solid and solid, standing firm in the face of changes in the mountains. North. It is known that the total construction cost of this ancient mansion is about 15,000 silver coins, equivalent to about 150 billion VND today. The entire old mansion is located on a high land, surrounded by arc mountains, 3,000m2 wide and took up to 5 years to build. The Meo King’s residence is both mysterious and ancient and dignified. This architectural style is a combination of Chinese, French and Mong people’s construction. The whole house is made of pine wood. However, since becoming the property of the State, all the wooden materials of the house have been changed by about 60% with ironwood and grated wood.

Located in the white plateau of Bac Ha town near Sapa Vietnam, Hoang A Tuong Palace is also one of the famous ancient architectures in the Northwest. The total area of ​​the mansion is 4,000m2, surrounded by a solid wall, creating a superficial and majestic beauty like a palace in real life. Started construction in 1914 to 1921, after 7 years of construction, the mansion was completed with a closed rectangular architecture surrounding it. The arches are tall to create a balance in architectural techniques to ensure aesthetics. Today, the architecture of Hoang A Tuong palace near Sapa Vietnam is still preserved quite intact. However, the furniture and artifacts in the palace are mostly gone.

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