Tet in the Tho Ha ancient village

Playing peaches has long been ingrained in the lifestyle of people in the Tho Ha ancient village, just a few small peach branches, pleasing to the eye, are enough for people to welcome spring. The color of peaches is said to bring luck and happiness to the whole family during the year.

Tho Ha ancient village is located about 48 km from Hanoi, is a stopover for tourists who want to find the old imprints, the characteristics of the old village with banyan trees, wells, communal courtyards.

After washing the rice, washing the leaves, and treating the beans, it’s time to pack the cake. Coming to Tho Ha ancient village with an ancient and poetic space, you will feel the smell of childhood Tet suddenly rushing back, when you are reunited with grandparents, parents and sitting around the fire, wrapping banh chung by the fire, memories never fading now

Spring is filled with the red color of gac fruit, the green color of banh chung and the yellow and purple colors of chrysanthemum flowers. The smell of smoke from the kitchen boiling banh chung spreads in spring weather. Next to the pot of cakes, spring seems to have arrived in every old house.

The old man relaxes to read a book when the baking is done. The old woman dyed her teeth and chewed betel nut. The custom of dyeing teeth black dates back to ancient times, but fewer and fewer people keep this tradition. With the continuous development of urbanization, it is difficult for ancient Vietnamese villages to avoid the influence of modern life leading to changes in daily life.

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