Thanh Kim rice wine specialties

Thanh Kim rice wine is a specialty made by the Red Dao people of Thanh Kim commune. The village of the Red Dao people is nestled

Thanh Kim rice wine is a specialty made by the Red Dao people of Thanh Kim commune. The village of the Red Dao people is nestled at the foot of Fansipan mountain. People here all year round only know about terraced fields and rice farming. In the idyllic of agricultural life; Red Dao people have created Thanh Kim rice wine – a unique specialty. To create this kind of heavenly paint; they incubate the rustic grains with esoteric yeast. If you come to Sapa Vietnam but you have not enjoyed Thanh Kim rice wine, it will be a pity. The characteristic strong aroma combined with the soft sweetness of the lips and the feeling of numbness at the tip of the tongue. It will bring you interesting experiences.

At first, Thanh Kim rice wine…

At first, Thanh Kim rice wine was only cooked to drink in the family, treat distinguished guests or offer to the gods on holidays and Tet. But with great delicious taste, this mountain wine had the opportunity to leave the mountain and go down the street. It has become a famous Sapa specialty of the Red Dao people. Today, with the development of Sapa Vietnam tourism industry; The traditional profession of making rice wine of the Red Dao people is becoming more and more developed.

Coming to Thanh Kim, visitors not only enjoy excellent rice wine specialties but also have the opportunity to witness firsthand the process of making those precious drops of wine. The Red Dao people in Thanh Kim are very hospitable, just visiting the village, you will be warmly welcomed by everyone. They will lead you to visit the process and stages of winemaking. Thanh Kim rice wine is processed very elaborately, the raw material must be rice on the field. Especially, the traditional leaven yeast contains all the herbal flavors of the Northwest mountains.

The distillation process

The distillation process is also done entirely by hand. Upland rice is brought to dry; Wash and then put in the pot to cook for 5-6 hours. After that, local people take out the rice and let it cool; then mixed with crushed leaf yeast. Then, they put it in the jar for about 5-7 days. Once the rice has soaked in yeast, they will be transferred to another composting system; Add water and incubate for 8-10 days depending on the weather. Finally, that rice is put into wooden or cast iron drums and then distilled into alcohol. It can be said that a cup of fragrant rice wine is not only the crystallization of rocky mountains, rice sprouts and traditional fermentation secrets, but also the “love yeast” of the Red Dao ethnic people here. If you have the opportunity to go to Sapa Vietnam, once visit Thanh Kim district to enjoy this wonderful specialty.

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