The bride must return to her mother’s house immediately after the wedding of the Tay

Sapa Vietnam is not only a famous tourist destination, Sapa tourism converges the cultural diversity of ethnic minorities.

Sapa Vietnam is not only a famous tourist destination, Sapa tourism converges the cultural diversity of ethnic minorities. The Tay ethnic group appeared in Vietnam quite early, being one of the Tay – Thai language branches. In Sapa, the Tay people live together in some southern communes such as Ban Ho, Nam Sai, and Thanh Phu, which is a flat valley with many upland fields that are easy to live in.

These valleys have many fertile fields, large rivers and streams. The Tay ethnic people who have lived here for a long time have a fairly developed traditional agriculture. People who live near the forest have additional occupations such as hunting, harvesting medicinal plants and making timber. In places along rivers and wide streams, the Tay people are good at fishing, setting up fishing nets and digging ponds to raise fish.

The Tay in Sapa Vietnam

The Tay in Sapa Vietnam also do handicrafts, produce valuable consumer goods and are a great source of supply for the local market. Essential items include hand-woven fabrics, bamboo and rattan items, household furniture, pressed oil, burnt lime, etc. The Tay people have their own script, which was called the Nom – Tay script in the past, based on the basic Ancient Chinese characters, but today are only used in the elderly few. The Tay people have a rich folklore, including stories, myths, fairy tales, poetry stories, etc. Some stories are similar to Thach Sanh Ly Thong, Thanh Giong, Buffalo and Cop.

For the Tay ethnic group

For the Tay ethnic group, there are many unique customs, but perhaps the wedding custom is the most prominent. After the wedding ceremony is over, the bride will return to her biological parents’ house that very night, even though it is late at night, the groom’s family must also bring the bride back. If due to reasons such as long distances, it is not possible to return immediately, the bride and bridesmaids will sleep together that night, and then leave early the next morning. On the third day from the wedding day, the groom picks up his wife, that night is officially the wedding night.

When traveling to Sapa Vietnam, staying at a Tay ethnic house, you will almost never see the newlywed bride coming back to that house because according to custom, the bride only stays at her husband’s house for about 5-7 days, then comes back again. Returning to live with her biological parents, she can only go back to her husband’s house until she has children. Therefore, the mother-in-law always calls her daughter-in-law for reasons such as: sowing seeds, planting rice, pounding rice for her mother … to make an excuse for the young couple to have the opportunity to get close to each other and soon have grandchildren to carry.

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