The ceremony of giving color of the Red Dao people

The award ceremony of the Red Dao people, Sapa Vietnam is attractive not only to the ethnic people here, but also a

The award ceremony of the Red Dao people, Sapa Vietnam is attractive not only to the ethnic people here, but also a custom that attracts the attention of many other ethnic groups living in the northern high mountains. This folk ritual has been handed down from time immemorial in the Red Dao community in Sapa, expressing the desire for a prosperous and happy life. The ceremony is held every year in November, December or January. The Red Dao people can organize a ceremony for a batch of up to 13 people, if less, they must be odd (according to odd numbers 3, 5, 7…).

According to Dao beliefs,…

According to Dao beliefs, the ceremony is an obligatory custom for men. Only those who are granted form are considered mature men, if they have not been granted form, even if they live to old age, they are still considered immature. That means not being invited to participate in or decide on important affairs in the village. Those who have been granted ordination, even at a young age, are still allowed to participate in important family or community ceremonies. The Dao people in Sapa Vietnam believe that only those who have received the ceremony will have enough heart and virtue to distinguish right from wrong, to be recognized as a descendant of Ban Vuong – the ancestor of the Dao.

Before the ceremony,…

Before the ceremony, the shaman has to clean the house of the person receiving the denomination, on the day of the ceremony, the owner must choose an auspicious day, a good month, choose a sorcerer who is the celebrant, who is reputable with the villagers, knowledgeable in customary law, and has the role of administering the ceremony.

In the ceremony of granting the ordination in accordance with the order of blood, the man whose wife is selected to grant the ordination first at the head of the family, the Red Dao woman in Sapa Vietnam whose husband performs the ordination ceremony must cover her head in a red scarf for the duration of the ceremony. The young people who apply for an ordination must wear a hat on their head and wear their traditional costume, because that is the view that the spirit resides in each person who is granted the ordination.

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