The development of Tho Ha rice paper rolls

Tho Ha rice paper rolls are now presented in all markets, shops or supermarkets, from urban to rural areas. On holidays and Tet, the whole village of Tho Ha is bustling with truckloads of goods to be distributed to the nationwide market.

Tho Ha rice paper rolls are characterized by a slightly opaque white color, fragrant smell of pure rice without any additives. The cake is not too thick or too thin, flexible and easy to roll, when soaked in water, it is still tough, not broken like some other types of rice paper rolls.

Culinary products made from skillful hands and sweat of the people of Tho Ha ancient village are not only favored by the domestic market, now there are a number of businesses that have signed contracts to order food products. Goods exported to countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan…

Tho Ha village currently has about 400 households making rice paper rolls. Making rice paper rolls brings a significant income, an average of about 8 million VND/person/month.

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