The ‘Happiness’ sedge mat – money may not be able to buy it

Sharing about the rare 'specialties' that still exist in Kim Son near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, Ms. Mung said; More than 30 years ago

Sharing about the rare ‘specialties’ that still exist in Kim Son near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, Ms. Mung said; More than 30 years ago, the sedge mat industry developed widely, households mainly made it to export abroad and use in their families, or places such as communal houses, pagodas and churches. I don’t understand why after that almost this profession was lost, until now it is mainly made-to-order, which means that if there is a need to buy mats, it must be ordered many days in advance.


However, the working days of these people are not worth much: “Perhaps because working as a worker still has 5 to 7 million/month, doing this job at full capacity will only get about 100 thousand/person, so no one keeps in Kim Son near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Following her sister’s words, Ms. Tuoi said; “The sedge bought from fresh is green, brought out to dry in 7 sun. Then soaked again for about 12 hours, picked it up and dried again, then put it into dyeing”. According to Ms. Tuoi, the preparation of materials before the sisters put them on the loom takes a lot of time, each person has a stage. Meanwhile, in order to have a mat with textures and letters, the sedge dyeing part is extremely important.

Ms. Tuoi said, there is no type of pattern that you can’t improve. If you want a quality product, you must have experience and dedicate yourself to it. “Three sisters work together, but only she can do the dyeing part, she specializes in this job, so she has experience. Not everyone can ‘align’ which part is dyed, which part is white, or mixed with color is also very good. need experience, if not skillful, it is easy to fade.”

As for Ms. Tinh,…

As for Ms. Tinh, the youngest sister in the family, the famous “girl” in the locality is known by the people for being sarcastic and very good at acupuncture in Kim Son near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. However, he could not leave the two sisters to change jobs, because he saw that their work was hard. That’s right, last week her work stopped completely, because Ms. Tinh was sick, causing orders to accumulate. “The two sisters kept saying, if aunt didn’t support us, we would also quit. It’s a good match, so now if we don’t follow this profession, we’ll also quit. Only when someone asks me to make fun of it. Children, or acupressure, go to help them, the rest is at home to make mats with sisters,” the woman confided.

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