The image of heaven in the middle of the world in Sapa Vietnam

Another thing I like about Sapa Jade Hill is because it is quite close to the center of Sapa Vietnam, only about 2km away. That

Hidden in the afternoon smoke, I saw Sapa Jade Hill with surprised eyes. This is a rare resort with a very large scale located on a craggy mountainside, surrounded by rich scenery bestowed by mother nature. From every villa and bungalow, you can see Muong Hoa valley – one of the 10 most beautiful terraced fields in the world. I don’t understand why Sapa Jade Hill has such a “prime” position, but I really admire that this resort has cleverly honored the masterpiece location to create unique experiences. 0-2 for visitors. Imagine the feeling of waking up and welcoming a new day with this amazing view? A “living painting” that changes every moment is truly a unique work of art that Sapa Jade Hill offers to distinguished guests.

Although I have had the opportunity to visit every corner of Sapa Vietnam, I cannot help but admire the way Sapa Jade Hill captures the original spirit of the mountain town in a civilized and sophisticated way.

Coming here

Coming here, I can participate in colorful highland markets, festivals imbued with local culture, or even unique art shows such as TUS DE LIAB CABARET, Twilight music show,… all are all present at Sapa Jade Hill. Staying here, I felt like I was witnessing the entire “quintessential history” of Sapa Vietnam in an instant, seeing traditional cultures that sometimes take a lot of time to travel and learn to fully absorb. Visiting the bungalows of Sapa Jade Hill, I clearly felt the typical indigenous architecture painstakingly built by Tay artisans. I heard about the island-roof bungalow architecture in 66 bungalows, a characteristic of the Tay ethnic group that has been passed down through many generations. I also got to see the plants living on the palm roofs of the bungalows. It’s so magical and incredibly close!

Because all of Sapa Jade Hill’s bungalows are paneled by artisans from palm trunks and covered with palm roofs. There are thatched palm trees that I have to call “grandfather”, because they are more than 70 years old. Normally when I visit other places to stay, I often don’t pay much attention to wall paintings because most of them are just decorative tools that fill the wall spaces and don’t carry too much intelligence. Yet I was extremely fascinated when I came across the rustic, simple but extremely “different” paintings in Sapa Jade Hill.

Why is it different

Why is it different? Perhaps because there are only two types of paintings here: paintings assembled from natural materials left over from the process of making furniture and lacquer paintings. Lacquer paintings are only created by a single artist and no two paintings are alike. As a person who loves paintings since childhood, I enjoy studying each painting one by one, like a child discovering a great treasure!

One special thing that makes me appreciate this accommodation is that all staff at Sapa Jade Hill are natives. This is a sustainable way to develop tourism, as well as a way to preserve culture and create jobs for indigenous people. Another thing I like about Sapa Jade Hill is because it is quite close to the center of Sapa Vietnam, only about 2km away. That means you can both “look inward” when entering the private, isolated campus of the resort, and “look outward” to visit famous destinations of Sapa such as Ta Van village, Cat Cat village,…

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