The lotus flower near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is something that calms my heart

I sat by the lotus pond near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, embracing the wind and incense in my heart, thinking about those childhood summer days.

I sat by the lotus pond near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, embracing the wind and incense in my heart, thinking about those childhood summer days. I miss my grandmother, I miss my mother! At noon in the old days, she picked lotus flowers, peeled off the black-brown skin, removed the green stamens without breaking the seeds, leaving behind even ivory-white lotus seeds. Mom picked large longan fruit from the tree, picked it apart, carefully separated the pearly white longan pulp, and placed it on a plate to make lotus sweet soup. My grandmother told me that this was a dish for kings in the past, a maid of King Le but a daughter of Lord Trinh, she dreamed of making longan lotus seed sweet soup and sending it to the lord’s palace for her lover hundreds of years ago.

This dish is also called “Changing a guy for a concubine”

This dish is also called “Changing a guy for a concubine”. I eagerly listened to her tell stories and smelled the scent of lotus tea rising from the kitchen. Just think of a bowl of lotus sweet soup with the sweet taste of longan, the cool taste of rock sugar, the gentle, smooth taste of royal jelly powder and ground root powder mixed with the taste of longan honey and imagine the crunchy piece of longan pulp holding the entire seed. The lotus in my heart, both fleshy, chewy, and fragrant, made my mouth water. Looking at the night dew drops running back and forth among the leaves, I suddenly felt thirsty, I craved a pot of lotus tea from my grandfather in the past.

There are so many lotus leaves

There are so many lotus leaves that few people are as picky about brewing tea as I am. Boiling water must be collected from the dew drops, tea must be marinated in tender lotus flowers overnight in Tam Coc Ninh Binh. How elegant the old people’s enjoyment of tea was. Lotus-infused tea is an art that preserves the quintessential Vietnamese soul in each lotus flower. People who enjoy tea enjoy the scent of lotus… The lotus is still here, still fragrant and fragrant, but my grandparents have been people for a long time.

So every time the lotus is about to wither and the longan is ripe, my mother often makes lotus sweet soup and lotus tea to offer to my grandparents. Come down, bow down. Like a human life, the ancient green river followed the summer and drifted with the wind into the memory, leaving behind ragged lotus ponds, withered and shriveled stems, dark black, leaves scattered, brown and drooping in front of the waves. The lucky wind just quickly flew back. Then the lotus faded completely.

 The sleeping lotus season

 The sleeping lotus season is the season when ginseng flies back. Hidden underground, the lotus silently accumulates life sap. Lotus roots are fragile, white but extremely strong, they can penetrate thick layers of soil, sometimes even an entire path to the next summer, the lotus expands its territory… Not only beautiful and Precious in scent and color, all parts of the lotus plant are associated with human life, healing and beauty. The lotus is a sacred symbol, carrying the beauty of perfection, peace, and purity.

Rising from the mud, the lotus silently radiates fragrance from its leaves and flowers. Lotus flowers bloom magically and quietly on the surface of the lagoon near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The lotus is characterized by the simple, elegant character of the Vietnamese people and the extraordinary will to excel in life, which is why the lotus was elected as the National Flower of Vietnam. Even though life is busy, there must be times to refresh your soul like now. There are many imported lotus varieties now, not only blooming in the summer, but I still like pure Vietnamese lotus species. For me, lotus is my friend, something that calms my heart, clears my mind, and purifies my soul. The scent of lotus calms my soul.

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