The moment a beautiful sea of clouds appears in Sapa Vietnam

Many tourists coming to Sapa Vietnam these days cannot help but enjoy admiring and checking in to the romantic "sea of clouds" scenery in some

Many tourists coming to Sapa Vietnam these days cannot help but enjoy admiring and checking in to the romantic “sea of clouds” scenery in some locations such as Muong Hoa valley, Hang Da village,… Many people are willing to overcome Through the cold, wake up early to hunt for clouds, check-in amid the poetic, beautiful, spongy white clouds, like a river flowing around the mountains spilling down throughout the village. Lucky to see clouds pouring in all over the entrance on December 3, Ms. Khanh Nga (in Hanoi) couldn’t help but enjoy the first time she “hunted a real sea of clouds”. “Last month, I went to Ta Xua. I was successful in hunting clouds, but the scenery was not brilliant or overwhelming.

This land gave me an experience that is probably not easy to encounter many times in my life,” Ms. Nga shared. Before the day of departure, Ms. Nga monitored the weather, constantly updating information about the cold rain and foggy situation here. However, to successfully “hunt clouds”, visitors must move to higher locations than the town area. At high points, white clouds float, filled with bright sun, but in the center of Sapa town or villages, the scenery is foggy because it is located in a “sea of clouds”. “Every now and then, clouds and fog cover the road, and just a few minutes later, a magnificent scene appears.

Clear blue sky

Clear blue sky, warm golden sunshine and a sea of fluffy white clouds floating right in front of us. The next morning, the whole city was filled with fog. The trees are covered with dew. My two young friends were very excited to experience two different natural scenery for the first time in just one night,” said a female tourist from Hanoi. It is known that the “sea of clouds” peak season in Sapa Vietnam appears from November to March every year, most often in winter, in the early morning (from 6-9 a.m.) and afternoon. Long rainy days then sunny, “sea of clouds” even thicker and lasts all day. Mr. Duong Quoc Hieu, photographer also noted that on December 4, the “sea of clouds” appeared all day in Muong Hoa valley.

Especially, in the Da Cave area or on the road Up to O Quy Ho pass are two places where tourists can admire the sea of clouds most clearly. According to Mr. Hieu, tourists who want to successfully hunt for clouds need to monitor and continuously update the weather situation. “If day passes, If you see a forecast of sudden cold air, a deep drop in temperature and lots of fog, then there will be a sea of clouds.


However, you have to go to areas with higher altitudes than Sapa Vietnam to admire that scene,” he said. The photographer also noted that many tourists are lucky enough to encounter the “sea of clouds” scene. “It’s quite rare for clouds to lower and appear all day like this, rarely seen at any time of the year. That’s why days with many and beautiful clouds like this attract many tourists and photographers from all over to come here to take pictures and check-in,” Mr. Hieu added. Located at an average altitude of 1,500m – 1,800m above with sea level is an attractive tourist destination for tourists throughout the four seasons of the year.

Not only does it impress with its poetic and beautiful natural landscape, it also attracts visitors with interesting experiences such as cloud hunting. You can choose some suitable spots to hunt clouds such as Fansipan peak, Ham Rong mountain peak, heaven gate, Hau Thao, Hang Da village, Muong Hoa valley…

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