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That time on the way back from Thung Nham valley near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. It was completely dark, I sat dozing by the baskets

That time on the way back from Thung Nham valley near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. It was completely dark, I sat dozing by the baskets full of cassava roots in the middle of the boat. Listening to my father call out loudly, reminding my mother to row at the bow beam to pay attention, my father leaned back and rowed the rudder to prepare to go against the water and go under the bridge.

The flow under the bridge is constricted, the tide is strong, so it flows very fast. I woke up and stood on the cassava baskets with my grip and steel beams pulling against the water to create a force for the boat to go under the bridge. Get the boat’s momentum. Not in time to let go, my hand fell, my legs were loose, fortunately, my hand was still gripping the bridge girder, swinging people in the air. My father in the driver’s seat shouted, and then he called out to me, the call was soundless, panicked.

I don’t know what to be afraid of anymore…

I don’t know what to be afraid of anymore, swinging under the bridge near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is just like daily swinging, somersaulting on a guava branch in the restaurant’s garden for hours, at that time I was aware of the rushing water under my feet. flowing and clinging to the bridge girder with only ten fingers. I shouted “it’s me” to answer my father. My mother sat at the bow of the boat to look back, steer the oars to let the boat drift backwards, my father let go of the oars and stood up on the helm, looking into the dim darkness, I watched my father’s shadow drift back towards me. After the second “it’s me” had just finished, my father shouted “take your hand off”.

The two shadows blurred together and fell to the bottom of the boat. The boat swayed back and forth, far from under the bridge. Father held me in his arms as if he was afraid of losing me. My mother tried to hold the oars down so that the boat would not turn sideways, if it were to turn sideways, it would easily tip over.

That night, my parents were exhausted, shoved the boat into the field and put a pole to wait until the tide started to go down, then my parents rowed the boat back. It was not until late at night that my parents brought me home with the cassava baskets. Knowing the story, my grandfather said: “This guy is very tall. It soon had a disaster, but it didn’t matter. Please feel free to listen to me.” Saying for fun: “Unlike my grandfather said, I wouldn’t be here now!?”.

Ever since I was a child…

Ever since I was a child, I have heard adults tell stories about “Cung Ba Ba” in Thung Nham valley near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. At that time, people and nature were very close, villages and mountains were not far away, inaccessible places were called green forests and red mountains, where fairy tales were born. thrilling legends of gods and demons.

Thung Nham is a place from ancient times that seems close and attractive to people, where many products are produced. Maybe that’s why the three of them invited each other into the valley. I don’t know what they come in for, or what business they have to go through. On a hot sunny afternoon, her father was both tired and thirsty. A woman told the two of them to sit down so that I could find water to drink, she headed to a mountain to the southwest.

Two people waited and did not see her out…

Two people waited and did not see her out, one told the other to stay and wait to look for her, following the path in the direction the first woman had gone. After a long time, the two women did not come back, the rest of the woman frantically followed the trail to find it. In the end, all three women at the same time went to the cave entrance in the mountains and were mauled by tigers.

Then her father was eaten by a tiger. After a long time, when the family went to look for it, only three skulls of the three women were found in the mountain cave, in addition to the cave entrance, there were also tiger footprints imprinted on the ground. From then on, people called that place “Clumsy three women”. People in the area who entered Nham valley passing by, they all turned towards that direction and mentioned the name full of compassion: “Clumsy three ladies!”.

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