The simple beauty of Sapa Vietnam winter

When mentioning Sapa Vietnam, the first image that appears in a traveler's mind is probably the soft terraced fields

When mentioning Sapa Vietnam, the first image that appears in a traveler’s mind is probably the soft terraced fields – a symbol of the northern mountains of our country. The terraced fields overlap each other, creating a winding array of colors throughout the Northwest mountains and forests. From a distance, they look like a long stretch of soft silk with graceful, wrinkled waves. Walking on the winding roads surrounding the mountainside, you can feel the vastness and majesty of nature in the cold season. We can no longer see the boundaries between heaven and earth, only humans blend into the simple and peaceful nature. Coming to the cold winter, visitors can immerse themselves in the rustic, poetic space of a mountainous countryside in Vietnam. Everywhere you see poetic beauty, even the steep mountain slopes or dry rocky outcrops become soft in the eyes of art-enthusiastic hearts.

Sapa Vietnam is always simple and rustic

Sapa Vietnam is always simple and rustic. Someone once said that the cold morning air or the afternoon smoke that covers the entire corner of the Northwest sky has something very lifelike. The pace of modern and developed life makes people unintentionally forget the aromatic taste of bamboo-tube rice, the heat of rich Thang Co pots or the sweet coldness of the foggy land. But at a certain moment it still makes people remember the simple stilt roofs, the delicious national dishes or the innocent eyes and smiles of children who are struggling to make a living. That naked beauty makes people both moved and remembered for a lifetime.

Sapa Vietnam is clear and simple like that. Love market nights full of warm emotions with the singing and dancing of Dao boys and girls, the colorful costumes of the H’mong people or irresistibly delicious specialties are all unforgettable experiences. in the hearts of tourists. Some famous dishes that you definitely should not miss are thang co, seven-color sticky rice, salmon hot pot, buffalo meat on the stove, underarm pork,… On cold days like winter, Sitting around an open fire or participating in highland markets will make you feel the simple and rustic beauty most clearly.

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