The story of tigers in Thung Nham valley

There are many anecdotes about tigers in Thung Nham near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. My uncle often goes to the valley to dig fores

There are many anecdotes about tigers in Thung Nham near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. My uncle often goes to the valley to dig forest roots to make medicine. The type of tubers he most often digs are ground tubers, Thien Mon tubers, cycads, areca ginseng, ground ginseng, and single tubers. Digging tubers mainly to sell to cooks to cure diseases. Cao Thien Mon, Cao Bach Bo cure lung disease, single tubers soaked in wine cure bone pain, all kinds of ginseng soaked in wine improve health, boiled ground tubers eat both delicious and nutritious, in addition, it is also a traditional medicine called Chinese medicine. Hoai Son …

According to my uncle, once he was digging and digging for grinding tubers, heard rustling, a tiger stood about ten feet away from him under a grove of trees with a posture of stalking prey. Half of my uncle was standing in the hole, every time he bent down to shovel the dirt up, the tiger bent his back as if he wanted to rush out and grab him. My uncle, an experienced woodworker. The sound of the tiger’s breathing gave off an unmistakable stench.

Many years in the forest

Many years in the forest, so my uncle knew very well, stopped his arms and stood up straight, he raised his voice very calmly: “I know you are there. Find bait, go somewhere else. Yours is his sword, mine is mine. Don’t hurt each other, okay?” I don’t know if the tiger understands anything, but momentarily yawned, closed his eyes, closed his ears, and walked away. Another time, a rather large tiger was eating fruit on the mountain, seeing my uncle digging for roots below, he immediately jumped and jumped down, entangled in the tangled bush like a net. suspended, all four legs flailing, the dust of the rope gradually sagged near the ground.

My uncle straightened up again and calmly said, “Come down, we won’t do anything to you. After that, go somewhere else to find food. Do not harm each other.” Near noon, the tiger broke free from the ropes and rushed back up the mountain. Strange story, but everyone in my village says it’s one hundred percent true. They said that my uncle who has the ability to be the king of the forest must also respect because he has a strong and majestic figure but has a kind heart. Another story about tigers.

The eldest brother…

The eldest brother (his son) at the age of 13 or 14 often followed his father to the forest, that time on the way to the valley near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, he picked up two very large kittens, which he put in a bamboo basket to carry on his back. After walking for a while, he stopped and waited for my uncle to arrive, then he brought it out to show off. My uncle panicked and forced him to release the two animals because it was a pair of tiger cubs. Both father and son quickly climbed up a large fig tree. Just as the mother tiger rushed over, whirling, roaring in the forest, then prostrated herself under the tree, facing up to her opponent.

It wasn’t until the sun stood up, looking up at the bright sky, that the mother tiger stood up, circled around the tree, and then led her son away. That day, my uncle and brother returned empty and since then, he did not let him follow him into the valley anymore, he told him that my brother was fit for the tiger’s life, high in number, but should not see the tiger again. Later, he joined the army, joined the special forces and then returned to the navy.

After 10 years, after 1975

After 10 years, after 1975 liberated the South to reunify the country, there was no news about him, only after the liberation of Cambodia did he receive a letter back. My uncle reminded me of the old story. Everyone was surprised, but they all believed and believed in what my uncle experienced from life. When it comes to such things, my uncle often laughs: “People have numbers!”. In the past, Thung Nham near Tam Coc Ninh Binh was also a place with many products to feed people, a part of the life of my hometown.

Things that people often take it as a “brand” of hard work and poverty associated with my hometown. For example, they call my hometown people stuffed crabs, people beaters, people cook, people eat moss. etc. So far, these are all specialty dishes serving tourists from all over the world, classified as attractive cuisine. Every time I enjoy these “specialty” dishes, I feel nostalgic for the old days, for a countryside that carries in my heart rare and precious products bestowed by nature, but hidden until now ” honors”.

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