The taste of Sin Cheng market remains intact

Standing on the top of the mountain looking down, Sin Cheng market looks like a sesame rice cake dotted with a few opaque red lights lying in the mist, hidden in the border of the sky. We eagerly wait until early tomorrow to follow the Mong people to the market. It is said that Sin Cheng is the oldest market in this sunny and windy Simacai land near Sapa Vietnam. From downhill, passing 12km of the road from the district center to Sin Cheng commune, you can see the saying: “This mountain is full of crab specialties”, but it’s round and round turns, continuous bends on the rocky side of the mountain, People who do not know, ride motorbikes are also drunk.

Simacai has just celebrated the 20th…

Simacai has just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the district’s re-establishment, which is also the same number of five Mong, Nung, Thu Lao, La Chi… in Sin Cheng near Sapa Vietnam are as diligent as a wild bee, mining and destroying fossils, building a new life. With nearly 20 hectares of rice cultivated with two crops, “men men”, the traditional dish of the Mong people, has now become a specialty for Sin Cheng to treat customers in the lowlands. Life and lifestyle have changed so much, but the highland market here still retains the indigenous cultural values between the overlaps and messages of the mountains and forests. It was only October, but all over Simacai the cold stinged the skin.

However, from 4 am, when the chicken on the mountain was still “sleepy” before crowing, the kitchen of the Mong people was already burning red. Vang A Giang whispered: “Living close to the sky, the Mong people get up very early. Get up early so you can feed your horses and go to the fields… But today there is a market, so everyone gets up early to go out! I’ve been working all week, so every Wednesday old, young, girls and boys also go to the market. Sometimes we don’t buy or sell anything, just meeting each other, talking, eating, drinking a bowl of wine is very happy.”

Each market is a festival…

Each market is a festival to have fun and make up for the hard days. People pour down from the top of Thao Chu Phin, where the four seasons are covered in white clouds like cotton wool; There are also people who cross the Quan Than San forest near Sapa Vietnam, walking since the morning star has not yet grown just to buy a new knife; Or more charming are the Ban Me girls who invite each other to the market to show off their newly embroidered dresses that still have their creases intact.

The Lung Sui boys, whose faces were slightly red, excitedly sang the love song of Khen La and Khen Lips. In any stall, it is easy to see an old man Nan Sin sitting sipping a cup of wine with a bowl of Thang Co, or to make sure his stomach is stronger, he eats a bowl of seven-color sticky rice with fragrant herbs, once eaten, you will remember forever. They both ate and drank and whispered to each other about harvesting upland rice, chopping down a few stumps of acacia trees that had died, but the wood was still firm to build a house… Just like that, the footsteps of market-goers weren’t drunk by yeast. is saved from corn kernels growing on rocky mountains, is also stunned by human love.

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