The truth about Dinh Tien Hoang’s identity

Tam Coc Ninh Binh, to the mountains and valleys to play with the buffalo children there. On the surface,

Bo Linh was born with an extraordinary appearance, eyes as fast as lightning, bright as stars, big face, big ears, jaw swallows his eyebrows. As Bo Linh grew older, he became more and more like Cong Tru, so the anxiety in his uncle’s heart also increased over the years. One day Thuc Du discussed with Dam Thi to take the buffalo and Bo Linh across the Dai Hoang River (present-day Hoang Long River) near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, to the mountains and valleys to play with the buffalo children there.

On the surface, Thuc Du appeared selfish, cold, and full of depravity. Bo Linh was known to chase him into the forest to herd buffalo to cut grass. He was not allowed to go home, and he ate fish all day because he was “an otter, like an otter. strains”. But inside, Thuc Du secretly brought a very good teacher, both literature and martial arts named Luu Phuc, provided money, asked him to keep it a secret from Bo Linh and everyone around him, deciding for him to study literature. , martial.

The official stay at the court,…

The official stay at the court, so a few years later, the imperial army again rushed to meet Thuc Du, because there was a secret message that Bo Linh was grown, the biological son of Dinh Cong Tru. Together, Thuc Du and his wife drew up a story that made the court officials believe that Bo Linh was indeed the son of an otter, such as: “It is black, diving in the Sao Khe River near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, catching fish to eat raw, its eyes. now it’s red and hairy” or “When it was 9-10 years old, it was very good at swimming and diving”. Anyone who needs to buy a tortoise how big it is, just take a drawing stick and circle it on the ground. and then jumped into the water, it only took a moment to grab a tortoise’s neck just like the picture.

It was like an otter ghost”…

It was like an otter ghost” to be able to outrun the imperial army. It is also consistent with many later documents of historical researchers. Accordingly, Dinh Bo Linh grew up in a family of officials, his father was a monk in Chau Hoan. When his father died, he was with his mother. and all the servants returned to their hometown to live.With the age of adulthood, plus the intelligence, innate talent and strong will of the educated mandarin, Dinh Bo Linh easily won the heart of the young man. the admiration of young men in Dai Hoang continent near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

He gathered around him many friends his age and even won the trust and respect of the elders in the region, gradually he became the leader of the whole Dai Hoang continent at that time. Together with a group of friends in their youth such as Dinh Dien, Nguyen Bac, Trinh Tu, Luu Co, Dinh Bo Linh, they quelled 12 warlords, established Dai Co Viet state after 1,000 years of Northern domination, and minted coins. to assert its independence.

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