The Village god of Tho Ha

The Village’ god is the supreme commander of the village not only in terms of spirit but also in terms of the material life and activities of the villagers. The Village’ god has an invisible radiance like a transcendent authority, making the village a coherent system. Therefore, the worship of The Village’ god is, after all, the worship of the village’s rules and customs of the village.

Tho Ha ancient village communal house worships Thai Thuong Lao Quan, also known as Lao Dam or Lao Tzu. This is a god who originated in China, but perhaps because Tho Ha’s main occupation, both success and failure, is in burning jars, close to the legend of Lao Quan looking after the bagua kiln in heaven, so Lao Quan was Vietnameseized to fight the enemy Red Devil.

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Tho Ha ancient village, there is also a story that the ancestor of Tho Ha ancient village  is Dr. Dao Tri Tien. At the end of the Ly Dynasty (1009 – 1225), three Mr. Dao Tri Tien, Hua Vinh Cao and Luu Phong Tu worked together as mandarins in the court and were sent to the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127). After completing the mission, on the way back home through Shaozhou, Guangdong province encountered a storm, had to rest. There was a famous pottery kiln here, They visited and learned the technique of making pottery. Returning home, Dao Tri Tien passed on the profession of making crimson ceramics to Tho Ha ancient village

The Village’ god is a person who has contributed to the villagers fighting the enemy, a sacred symbol, guardian deity to signal gathering, strengthening, protecting community development. The Tho Ha ancient village‘ god is an invisible link of communication, helping the villagers unite, living in harmony, and preserving the countryside.

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