The wonderful picture of Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley with many simple houses exist right in the middle of the terraced fields like highland girls, simple but extremely attractive. Sapa Vietnam tour itinerary from Hanoi will take visitors to immerse themselves in the flower stream 15km long. The water source is always blue, flowing through the territory of Ta Van, Lao Chai and Hau Thao communes, the end of the stream in Ho village. Suoi Hoa is downstream of the famous Silver Waterfall.

Sapa Vietnam Flower Stream is likened to a giant python, winding between the vast nature. Along the stream, you will see unique terraced fields. In the ripe rice season, the water surface reflects the glittering golden color, enhancing the magical beauty of the valley. Before your eyes is a charming, poetic picture right in the middle of the world. The most poetic scenery of Muong Hoa valley is when visitors experience the rustic Cloud Bridge.

Every season of the year, Muong Hoa puts on a new shirt. Although you can go on a Sapa Vietnam tour at any time of the year because the valley has been planned to become a tourist destination. However, the most beautiful Muong Hoa tourism usually falls in the months of March, May, August to October.

During these times, the weather is quite stable, convenient for tourists to visit. If in May and 6 valleys are full of green and full of life, then September and October will become beautiful and brilliant, with a subtle scent of new rice. In addition, December to the valley you will have the opportunity to hunt snow. Or in early spring, there are many entertainment activities imbued with the Northwest ethnic identity.


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