There is a white snow season in Sapa Vietnam

Winter in Sapa Vietnam begins in mid-November, when the sky is less blue, the terraced fields are no longer

Winter in Sapa Vietnam begins in mid-November, when the sky is less blue, the terraced fields are no longer dyed golden or bright green but give way to the biting cold. When winter comes, visitors will be able to admire the landscape painting immersed in the mist that spreads in the early morning and evening. The mist is so carefree that it spreads everywhere, covering the rows of trees and houses. beautiful, hidden in small alleys and then on the distant mountain peaks, the natural scenery is always hidden in the mist and when standing in the dense fog, people can only clearly see things in the distance. a few meters away and experience the extremely romantic peaceful feeling of deserted roads with only the beauty of high mountains covered in white mist.

Yet, winter is the season that most tourists come to this land

Yet, winter is the season that most tourists come to this land, because in winter there is frost, ice, snow, and things that no one thought a tropical country like Vietnam would have. Coming to Sapa Vietnam in the snowy season, visitors will have the opportunity to watch small snowflakes slowly falling onto the houses, rows of trees, and small roads covered with white snow and ice. Coming to winter days, visitors may immediately fall in love with the peaceful, gentle and attractive beauty of cold snow showers.

Sit with your friends next to the warm fire to watch the snowflakes falling on the porch or sip a cup of hot coffee in the cozy space of a pretty little cafe to feel the romantic winter taste through the umbrella. small glasses. Referring to this place is referring to the softly winding terraced fields, lying on top of each other, stretching across the Northwest mountains and hills. Coming here, visitors can walk along the winding roads along the mountainside, feel the vastness of the boundary between heaven and earth and feel the softness of the rocks, the slopes, and the thatched roofs. nestled in the valley or let your heart relax, immersing yourself in the space of clouds, mountains, earth and sky.

Sapa Vietnam is like that, cute and warm…

Sapa Vietnam is like that, cute and warm, conquering cheap tourists with the sweet cold of the early mornings, the warm evenings with the smoke of bamboo rice, the aroma of grilled meat or the biting cold of the sea. the first days of winter. Although it is so simple and peaceful here, it leaves lingering memories for those who come and go because of the naked beauty of the houses, the rustic shops filled with colorful flowers or the smiles of the locals. The baby is making a hard living.

Sapa is like that, clear and attractive with warm love market nights with images of Dao ethnic girls with colorful costumes or delicious, attractive dishes. There are many typical specialties here such as armpit pork, thang co, Dao Pau co cake, stream fish,… and especially mountain town grilled food, one of the specialties that you cannot miss during the nights. It’s cold in the Northwest highlands.

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